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Robert Masters presents the wisdom of ancient Egypt through the perspective of contemporary research in psychology and religious studies in his profound study of The Goddess Sekhmet: Psycho-Spiritual Exercises of the Fifth Way. The fifth way refers to the Egyptian theory that humans consist of five bodies: the (most subtle) Spiritual Body (Egyptian: Sahu); and, after that,Robert Masters presents the wisdom of ancient Egypt through the perspective of contemporary research in psychology and religious studies in his profound study of The Goddess Sekhmet: Psycho-Spiritual Exercises of the Fifth Way. The fifth way refers to the Egyptian theory that humans consist of five bodies: the (most subtle) Spiritual Body (Egyptian: Sahu); and, after that, the increasingly less subtle: Magical Body (Khu); Shadow (Haidit); Double (Ka); and Physical Body (Aufu). Also included are Sekhmet’s myth, her hundred Sacred Names, as well as her rites of meditation, prayer and exercises in body movement, awaren

The Goddess Sekhmet: Psycho-Spiritual Exercises of the Fifth Way Reviews

The Goddess Sekhmet Robert Masters Pdf To Excel

Internalizing the Image of the Goddess Sekhmet Internalizing the Image of the Goddess Sekhmet (from The Goddess Sekhmet by Robert Masters) Introduction The experience you now are invited to participate in is intended to help you internalize the image of the Goddess Sekhmet. When you have done this, you will be better able to meditate on that image, go into trance, and encourage within yourself access to the Goddess and Her Teachings. When the image is well internalized, then the Work can be done independently of any object such as a statue or a photograph. However, it will always be useful to have access to such objects, especially ones created for the purpose of gaining access to Sekhmet—and created by persons having knowledge of how to fashion such images. To some extent, the process of internalizing the image of the Goddess has begun within you already. The photographs and the words you have read already have given Her very powerful image a place not only in your conscious mind, but also in your unconscious. It may be that already in your spiritual depths you have made a very strong response to Sekhmet, that your soul resonates to Her image.

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In order to intensify and deepen your experience of the Goddess, in order that you may know in a more immediate and profound way the Being of Sekhmet, the Powers and the Essence of Sekhmet, select now one of the photographs of Her. Look with care at the various pictures of that statue, and select the one that affects you most strongly. Select that photograph, but then do look again for a while at some of the other photographs of the same statue, making certain that you know very well the entirety of the statue, including the lower body and the throne upon which Sekhmet is seated. Later you may Work with any of the images of the Goddess, but it is imperative that you begin with an image of the essential statue, that image the Goddess Sekhmet has indwelled. The purpose of the instructions hereafter provided will be to enable you to maintain without difficulty your focus of attention on the image of the Goddess for a period of time considerably longer than you would probably be able to maintain that focus otherwise.

This is the case, unless you have already gained proficiency in such disciplines as concentration and meditation. Because you must focus upon Sekhmet's image, the following Way of internalizing Her image will have to be read to you, or you must devise another way of overcoming the problem. The Work to internalize the image should be done with the highest level of concentration, the highest quality of consciousness you are able to bring to the Work. Meditation Look now very carefully at the image before you. Observe first of all the solar or sun disc on Her head. In the center of that disc observe the standing form of the cobra known as the uraeus serpent, and note the inlaid golden eyes of the lioness-headed Sekhmet.

If you focus on the solar disc and the cobra, or if you focus on the eyes of Sekhmet, you should find it already very easy to begin to go into trance. And then to go deeper as you continue to focus on the disc and the cobra, or on the eyes, or perhaps the whole head and the mane that surrounds it. Silently focus now on whatever seems the more powerfully to lay hold on your consciousness so that you can experience your consciousness altering, the focus of consciousness narrowing as you go deeper.

As you look at Her closely and as the world around you increasingly recedes from your awareness, notice whether that figure begins to become three-dimensional. Observe whether it is not now already standing out from the background in a way it did not when you first looked at it. Observe if there is not coming into this image for you an increasing sense or awareness that there is life in the image. As you continue to concentrate, remark if this quality of being alive does not become more pronounced. For well over three thousand years, this particular statue of Sekhmet has existed. Human eyes have rested upon it since the times when in Ancient Egypt the statue had its place in the great Temple of Karnak, there to be venerated and worked with by the magician-priests. She is the Great Mother.

The Pharaoh Rameses II claimed her as being literally the Mother of his souls and higher bodies. Observe for a moment Her hands and how the thumbs rest on the fingers of Her hands. In this position as She sits now, and as you closely observe Her hands, know that the thumbs were used to beam energy for healing and for transferring some of the energy of the Goddess into human bodies. Look at Her closely and imagine Her turning so that She faces you directly and the thumbs send that energy into various parts of your body. You might feel Her beaming it into your belly or into your heart, your throat, your third eye, your brain, and when She does this there is often to be seen a smoky energy surrounding Her or swirling around Her. Look at Her very, very closely and note whether you feel in your body, or can see, that energy She emanates.

According to Tradition, such a statue as this one, when in-dwelled by the Goddess, could see and hear and speak, and other parts of its body could move also. Imagine Her now arising from Her throne and standing with Her right arm extended, then lowering the arm so that when the arm lowers there has appeared in Her hand a golden ankh.

Look at Her before you and at the same time imagine Her roaming the desert in Her lion's body. She is a complete lioness now, but enormous and numinous—that lioness form that provided the model for every lioness who came after it.

Wandering the desert under the scorching sun and wandering at night beneath the moon. Looking at Her, think of the festivals and revelries staged to celebrate Her actions and Her Being, and let your eyes just roam for while over Her image while you remember that She is one of the most ancient of all Deities known to humans. Aankh bhar aayi hai mp3 songs pk download pagalworld app. She is the Lady of the Place of the Beginning of Time, the One Who Was Before the Gods were, the Great One of Magic.

Look at Her now as if you were looking out of the eyes of an Ancient Egyptian, a priest or priestess or magician of Sekhmet, or a magician-priest or magician-priestess intent upon learning from Her the mysteries which She represents. Look at Her and go deeper and deeper and deeper. Let Her penetrate ever more deeply into your unconscious mind, and know that by doing that you can come to know Her and learn much about Her magic, Her religion, who She IS. Then close your eyes for a moment and continue to see Her as vividly as possible so that in that way She becomes one with you even more completely. When you have opened your eyes, look at the picture again.

See if the quality of life in the image is not now even stronger, and note if even now it remains very easy to continue to focus on that image. You may find that you have very little inclination now to focus on anything else, that everything around you in this moment has much less interest, that the image of Sekhmet is far more present for you and far more real than anything else in your surroundings. Does Her image seem larger than before? More dimensional and even still more alive?

You understand now something more about the magic of Sekhmet, Her mystery and Her power. Continue now to look at that image for as long as you wish, and then terminate this meditation and internalization of the Goddess Sekhmet when you choose to do so. Having come this far, you surely will return again. Robert Masters, The Goddess Sekhmet: Pyschospiritual Exercises of the Fifth Way (St. Paul, MN: Llewellyn Publications, 1991, pp. For more information about the author, visit. Last modified on February 24, 2005 by Kay Keys.