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Running time 144 minutes Country Language Hindi Budget ₹15 crore (US$2.1 million) Box office est. ₹27.47 crore (US$3.8 million) Ek Paheli Leela (translation: Leela: A Mystery) is a 2015 Indian film, written and directed by Bobby Khan and produced by and Krishan Kumar. It stars in the titular lead role with, and in pivotal roles. Choreography is done by and Jojo Khan. The music for the film is composed by and. Principal photography of the film began in, India. The film is a reincarnation story which is set 300 years back, and revolves around the story of Leela (Sunny Leone) and her lover.

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Their love story remains incomplete as they are murdered. The film portrays how their story completes when they both are reincarnated in present time. The trailer of the film was released on 6 February 2015 and became 's most viewed movie trailer of the first quarter of 2015.

The film received mixed reviews from the critics upon release and was a commercial success. Contents.

Plot Karan is a singer/musician who moves to a new house in along with his friends. He often helps his sister Radhika and Andy - his sister's colleague (both are fashion photographers) with music for their fashion shows. Radhika wants to get her friend Meera for her fashion shows featuring in India but Meera is reluctant. Hence, Radhika with the help of her friend Andy take her to India on an aeroplane by making her drunk( induced drowsiness).

After they arrive in India, Meera discovers the truth and gets angry. Meanwhile, her mood changes as she sees Rajasthani girls playing a traditional game and starts to play with them forgetting her plight. While in India, Meera meets royalty -Ranveer Singh , a prince, in. The two eventually fall in love and get married. The prince Ranveer is in middle of a property dispute with his cousin Bikram Singh. Meanwhile, back home, Karan has persistent dreams of someone whipping him and many times he wakes up from his sleep shouting loudly ' Leela!

In an attempt to figure why, his friends takes him to a Pandit who tells him that his pain is rooted in his past life of 300 years ago! With the help from the Pandit, Karan travels through his past and they find out that he must be Shravan , who was in love with a girl called Leela (also played by ) but his master, an artist, Bhairao adopts her as his muse. Bhairao makes a statue of Leela and discovers that Leela is in love with Shravan. In a fit of rage, Bhairao kills both Shravan and Leela by pushing them into a bottomless pit of fire! With the advise from Pandit, Karan gets some courage to visit a place called' Bhairao Virajana' (the place of dispute between Ranveer and Bikram). This place is under dispute because both the Prince Ranveer and Bikram know that a statue of 'Leela' is hidden in the midst of its ruins, which is worth a billion dollars! Bikram finds out that Karan is trespassing his property and brings him to Prince Ranveer to inform him that their property is now being invaded by unknown strangers!

Inside the palace,Karan meets Meera and tries to remind Meera about their past but Meera does not believe him. Karan plays a song 'Tere Bin' that takes Meera back into their past and she recollects her past life as the beautiful Leela.Bhairao overhears all the conversations and knows that the secret of where the statue of Leela is hidden can be known by kidnapping Karan and Meera and forcing them to spill the beans. With the help of a some henchmen, Meera and Karan get kidnapped by Bikram who is looking for a statue that Bhairao had made. The current market value of the statue is $10 billion and Bikram wants to keep the money for himself. Bikram starts harassing Meera so that she would tell him where the statue is hidden, and therefore under duress and to save Meera, Karan reveals that the statue was hidden behind a wall, and then when Bikram gets to the statue, Prince Ranveer arrives and pierces Bikram's hand with a sword.

At the end, karan realizes that was actually the reincarnation of Bhairao and not of Shravan (who got reincarnated in Ranveer). Karan tries to redeem his ills by committing suicide but Meera and Ranveer don't let him. Karan's album 'Tere Bin' gets him fame and the story ends happily ever after. Cast. as Leela (first birth)/Meera Singh (reborn with same face and married to Ranveer).

as Shravan (Leela’s Lover previous birth). as Karan (rebirth has Bhairao). as Prince Ranveer Singh (rebirth has Shravan and now married to Meera).

as Prince Bikram. as Radhika. as himself. as Maan Singh. as Bhairao.

Daniel Weber as Flight Pilot (Cameo appearance) Production The film is produced by 's company and Ahmed Khan's own production company Paperdoll Entertainment. Development.

With director and producers of the film at the trailer launch. Bobby Khan stated that Sunny Leone was the only actress suitable for the roles. He also stated that big actors refused to do the film because of Leone.

Actor Mohit Ahlawat returned to films after four years. Leone's husband Daniel Weber also had a cameo appearance in the film as flight attendant. As the film revisits two very different eras, the attire worn by Leone was also carefully designed. Leone's personal stylist Hitesh Kapopara who has also designed costumes for Leone for her previous films went for shopping in the local markets of London and Rajasthan for traditional accessories. Leone at promotions of the film in Mumbai The film was shot at various location including, and. In Rajasthan, it was filmed at remote interiors and villages. At Jodhpur, the sand dunes were also included in the shoot along with the villagers for a song sequence.

A village was also created on the desert to commence the filming. The Khimsar Fort in, of were also included into the shots and were used as royal palace in the film. Reportedly, Sunny got skin infection on the sets as she has to shoot in the scorching heat and had rashes over the body. Leone also learnt dialect for the film.

She attended workshops for the song 'Dhol Baaje' and learnt classical dance steps from the veteran choreographer. As per reports, she also had to bath with 100 litres of milk for a scene in the film. Soundtrack Ek Paheli Leela by, and Released 10 March 2015 Recorded Meet Bros Recording Studio Length 39: 54 from Ek Paheli Leela. 'Desi Look' Released: 20 February 2015. 'Tere Bin Nahi Laage (Male)' Released: 27 February 2015. 'Saiyaan Superstar' Released: 5 March 2015.

'Glamorous Ankhiyaan (MBA Swag)' Released: 20 March 2015 The music for the film is composed by, Tony Kakkar and Uzair Jaswal with lyrics penned by, Manoj Muntashir and Tony Kakkar. The is composed by Mannan Munjal.

The soundtrack comprises 9 songs. Ensemble singers like, and Pakistani singer have lent their voices for the film. The first song titled 'Desi Look' was released as on 19 February 2015. The full soundtrack album was released on 10 March 2015. Title Lyrics Music Singer(s) Length 1. 'Desi Look' 3:27 2.

'Tere Bin Nahi Laage (Male Version) (Recreation of Original Version)' Kumaar (Recreated by ) 3:41 3. 'Saiyaan Superstar' Kumaar 4:10 4. 'Khuda Bhi' Manoj Muntashir Tony Kakkar 5:03 5. 'Glamorous Ankhiyaan' Kumaar, 4:54 6.

'Main Hoon Deewana Tera (Recreation of 's 1999 song)' (Recreated) 5:24 7. 'Dhol Baaje (Recreation of 's song)' Kumaar (Recreated), 5:37 8. 'Tere Bin Nahi Laage (Female Version)' Kumaar (Recreated by ), 4:31 9. 'Ek Do Teen Chaar' Tony Kakkar Tony Kakkar, Tony Kakkar 3:13 Total length: 39: 54 Critical response The soundtrack of Ek Paheli Leela received generally positive review from the music critics. Critic Rajiv Vijayakar from gave the album a rating of 3 stars out of 5 and felt, 'Some tracks will help the film, some will be helped by the film, but the rest are largely fillers.

With four of the nine tracks being re-creations, the score gets a fillip in theory. ' Kasmin Fernandes of gave a rating of 4 and commented, 'The originals stand out more than adaptations here.' Joginder Tuteja of gave three stars, and commented, 'The music of Ek Paheli Leela has a good mix of party and romantic numbers. It's the original numbers in the soundtrack that do better than the adapted versions. Play this one when you want some variety; it has a good mix of party and romantic numbers.'

BizAsia gave a rating of 7.5 out of 10 to the album summarizing it as, 'This album has the elements for an all-round entertainer designed and composed for the masses around the world using the best hit making formulas in the current industry. Including recreating old hits.'

Glamsham awarded the album 3.5 stars out of 5 and stated, 'Summing up, the audio of T-Series' Ek Paheli Leela meets the expectations with some potential chart toppers like 'Desi Look', 'Tere Bin Nahi Laage' and 'Saiyyan Superstar'. The 'getting popular' audio should aid the cause of this musical love saga, when Ek Paheli Leela releases all over this April.' called the album 'a mixed one'. Surabhi Redkar from gave 2 stars and felt, 'The music album of Ek Paheli Leela is not exactly a hit one.

It has only certain songs that are worth listening' while picking 'Tere Bin (Male)', 'Khuda Bhi' and 'Ek Do Teen as the best ones. Ek Paheli Leela Remix to Ek Paheli Leela Remix by DJ Chetas Released 26 March 2015 Length 26: 51 A remix album was made by DJ Chetas and was released on T-Series YouTube on 26 March 2015.

Title Lyrics Music Singer(s) Length 1. 'Glamorous Ankhiyaan (MBA Swag)' Kumaar DJ Chetas Meet Bros Anjjan, Krishna Beura 4:56 2. 'Main Hoon Deewana Tera (MBA Swag)' Kumaar DJ Chetas Arijit Singh 3:39 3. 'Desi Look (Remix)' DJ Chetas 4:02 4. 'Saiyaan Superstar (Remix)' DJ Chetas 3:22 5. 'Tere Bin Nahi Laage Remix (Male Version)' DJ Chetas 3:21 6. 'Khuda Bhi (Remix)' Manoj Muntashir DJ Chetas 4:38 7.

'Ek Do Teen Chaar (Remix)' Tony Kakkar DJ Chetas, Tony Kakkar 2:53 Total length: 26: 51 Reception Box office The film was released on 10 April 2015 with estimated occupancy of 20% with greater occupancy in single screens than multiplexes. On its opening day it collected ₹53.0 million (US$740,000) beating the opening day collections of films like, and. On its second day, it collected around ₹52.0 million (US$720,000) taking its total to ₹105 million (US$1.5 million). The film showed further growth on its third day as it collected ₹53.5 million (US$750,000) nett to take its first weekend total to around ₹160 million (US$2.2 million) nett. Till its second weekend, it managed to collect ₹243 million (US$3.4 million) nett. At the end of its theatrical run, Ek Paheli Leela grossed around ₹275 million (US$3.8 million) nett.

Critical reception gave the film 3 stars out of 5 and described the film as 'colourful, crisp and convivial'. Gave the film 3.5 stars out of 5 and praised the film's cinematography, direction, screenplay and stated, 'On the whole, Ek Paheli Leela is worth watching, purely because of Sunny Leone and the way she has been presented. Like never before!!!' Gave the film 2 stars and applauded Sunny's transfromation of two characters and film's music while stating that, 'Sunny Leone fans will be in for a royal treat. If Sunny Leone gets your temperature rising then Leela won't disappoint.

Gave the film three and a half stars praising film's narration and stated, 'Stunningly mounted and sumptuously narrated, 'Ek Paheli Leela' is a feast for the senses. Basha Lal's camera caresses Ms Leone's assets and the sand dunes of Jaisalmer with equal affection.

It may not be revolutionary in concept or path-breaking in execution. But make no mistake. 'Ek Paheli Leela' is the surprise of the year.

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Called it 'semi-porn rubbish', while gave it 1.5 stars stating that the dialog was full of crude sexual jokes and that it was 'soft porn' emphasising the short skirts of the women and the physique of the men. The said the film had a ' ludicrous script' and 'wooden' acting.

Praised the cinematography and Leone's dancing. Called it ' an insincere, lavish and titillating compilation of every item song ever made.' Stated although the film was poorly written and had many flaws in its execution, it succeeded at its purpose of being a one-woman show to highlight Leone.

Gave the film zero stars stating 'all this film wants to do is to exploit its leading lady's awe-inspiring stack. From as many angles as possible, the closer the better'. Called it a 'vapid yarn about love, desire and obsession unfolds against good-looking backgrounds'. References. Retrieved 4 April 2015. (9 April 2015). Retrieved on 2015-07-14.

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Meera (Sunny Leone) is a London-based supermodel who cannot travel around the world because of her fear of flying. However, her friends/colleagues/enablers - ‘fashion king’ Andy (VJ Andy) and Radhika (Shivani Tanksale), a professional photographer who can't take a single decent picture - trick Meera into coming to India. Once here, she meets Prince Ranveer (Mohit Ahlawat).

The two fall in love and get married. However, their happily ever after is interrupted by Karan (Jay Bhanushali), who recognises Meera as Leela, a girl from his past life and the key to answering all the questions that have been tormenting him. Compelling plot, much? Nevertheless, let’s look at this realistically: No one’s going to watch Ek Paheli Leela for the acting or the script or the cinematography, except maybe the four-year-old in the middle row, who was tricked into it by his mummy (mothers are devious that way, I tell you). Ek Paheli Leela can be effectively summarised by one of its posters.

There’s Sunny Leone in extravagant, revealing costume(s) sitting on an unimaginatively designed throne and wielding power over pretty much everybody. David guetta dj mix download mp3. The film never stops telling us how Meera/Leela(/Sunny?) is the most beautiful girl to ever walk the planet and how her beauty is such a curse that it ruined her life not once, but twice. Not only is Leone unconvincing as both the glamorous Meera (her performance as a drunk is cringeworthy) and the village belle Leela, she strangely has the most awkward intimate scenes in the film.

There’s one with Rajneish Duggal, who plays Leela’s penniless lover, Shravan, where the two of them make love in the desert and pour sand over each other. I’m still trying to wrap my head around that one. Moreover, if you’re a linguistic purist from the Hindi heartland who was mad at Leone for murdering your mother tongue, wait till you hear her speak Rajasthani. Duggal, for his part, puts in significant effort into his performance even if he can't be deemed an award-worthy performer. However, the same generosity cannot be extended to Bhanushali and Ahlawat.

Both are terribly cast. Jay Bhanushali carries that melodramatic streak over from his past life on the small screen and Mohit Ahlawat has the entirely wrong body language. Ahlawat moves more like a body-building, Bhai-obsessed local goon than a wealthy, refined member of an erstwhile royal family. For a film with a budget of Rs 15 crore, Ek Paheli Leela has the exact same production value as Spark, another recent Duggal starrer. Despite having a script that demands high quality art design and recreation of a historical period, Leela chooses to spend on Leone’s highly embellished costumes (which are laughable). The film features dialogue that is too poorly written. The good thing about Ek Paheli Leela is that the film is aware of its identity and purpose.

It also realises at the end of its almost two and half hour-long run time, that there are wide loopholes in the script and questions that still need to be answered. Hence the film attempts to bring subplots to a close by hurriedly revealing everything without much coherence. Uzair Jaswal and Tulsi Kumar’s Tere Bin ditty is a redeeming factor, in spite of embarrassing tunes such as Desi Look and Glamorous Ankhiyaan. Ek Paheli Leela invests little effort in character development or setting. For example, no one tells us why a young man and woman are allowed to run free and indulge in public displays of affection in a desert village in the early 1700s.

In the modern day, archaeologists are (obviously) white men who seem to have been copy pasted from a Nat Geo spoof video. Though there are more flaws in the film’s execution, at the heart of it Leela is a genuinely intriguing, if slightly predictable story and the twist at the end could have been a game changer had it been played out better.

Nevertheless, critical analysis is not going to make much of a difference for this film is clearly a one woman show and as far as the film is concerned, it is always Sunny in Rajasthan. Rediff Rating.