Sudden Strike Ii Maps Download

This pack contains five user-made maps for all factions. Sudden Strike II - December 2002 multiplayer map pack (2-6 players). Download, and play video games.

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Serious but Fun, RWM is a project driven by SS2 gamers, for SS2 gamers, with the aim of creating the ultimate World War II Real Time Strategy game. Try it out, you will not regret! - latest NEWS! 2012: RWM 8 (now on RWM-SSRW) (beta 2) is release!

(Download section).next in 'News & history' section Real Warfare Mod 8 (RWM-SSRW) (beta 2) (oct. 2012) Prove your tactical skills in historical battles of World War II all around the globe. Launch your attack - sudden, fast, and energized!

What you need to know in 1st about RWM? 1:The IP MP RWM games will be visible only after RWM installed.

2:Even if it's possible with the basic game, mixer-kids WW2 nations/fronts is not tolerate in RWM MP games! You must respect the minimum realism RWM spirit! Only Real WW2 feelings. Quickly about RWM Centred around Sudden Strike 2 (v2.2) basis game (Vanilla/Arcade), RWM has an unique and realistic damage models & weapons & units selection system optimized for the best possible realistic gameplay experience & Massive multiplayer action!

As if that wasn't enough, we have also added many awesome new units, beefy new sounds, skins, models, special effects, objects, and new landscape schemes to improve: desert, winter and summer. This has proven to radically enhance realism, gameplay, tactics and team spririt in MP! Of course, all that in the video games limits possible and on the basis SS2 game possibilities. And the PC screens limit. All this comes absolutely free! It is for the love of game that motivates moders which succeeded, not greed and money! The 2.8L Audi StugIII cabriolet, notice the innovative safety features and sporty bodywork.

Now play your favourite SSF maps! The RWM team have found a way to convert SSF maps to RWM - meaning you can now play those classic maps with the of RWM 8! The maps need rebalancing though, so check back soon for a few cool.

You are on the front line in the center of realistic strategic battles, which will amaze and delight even the shrewdest of strategy experts. You'll have to fight on water, on land and in the air to meet your objectives. Command German, Russian, English, American and even Japanese troops on battlefields all over the world. Whether you face the computer AI in 5 campaigns or fight against human generals worldwide in the completely overhauled multiplayer mode.. the war is far from over! Download free full version pc game and start your battle! Free Game Features: - 5 playable nations: Germans, Russians, English, Americans and Japanese; - More than 50 missions in 5 campaigns or separate scenarios; - Increased degree of realism: completely overhauled unit values; - More than 50 new units; - Fight battles in three difficulty levels; - Controllable boats allow you to cross rivers; - Supplies and additional fire power provided by controllable railways; - Each motorized unit possesses a separately controllable crew and can be captured; - Weather system: March troops through rain and snow; - Campaigns set in summer & winter landscapes;