Stalker Call Of Pripyat Gamedata Folder Express

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Follow the read me guide. 1.) Copy the contents of the Arsenal Overhaul 3 folder to C: Program Files (x86) bitComposer Games S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat 2.) Run fovswitch.cmd, type 55 and press enter. 3.) Install Atmosfear 3 without the nanohud (Both addons are located under additional mods) 4.) Install Absolute Nature 3 with any options (Both addons are located under additional mods) 5.) From the Atmosfear 3 Patch folder, copy the gamedata folder to C: Program Files (x86) bitComposer Games S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat and overwrite 6.) After you've done that merge any addons with the gamedata folder If that doesn't work you have the wrong base version of CoP or you have some left over files from other mods, I suggest reinstalling the game. Also, the Desert Eagle BLOWS PEOPLE AWAY.

Apr 20, 2016 - Extract gamedata folder from CoP to your S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat directory (for example; C:Program Files (x86)bitComposer.

It is too fucking powerful, one shit on anyone and they freakin' fly away. Hey, i'm late to the party but i have a question. So i followed all your steps and installed then read through all the readme's and did what they said but im getting fps stutters. I have an i5 and a gtx 760 so i should be able to run this fine at max settings. In the faq for getting stuttering they said to install the prefetch addon and lower settings.

I did both and it didnt fix it. I have vsnyc forced on by my gpu control panel and lowered the in game settings. Edit: this is with both atmosfear 3 and absolute nature 3 (no nano hud on atmos fear). The only gripes I have with the mod are that Hawaiian and Owl are still selling low-quality gear an no longer sell the mercenary suit, and that E. Nigma used Different models for the AKM, AK-74 and AKS-74 to models with smoothing errors and poor textures. The weapon skins are mainly a cosmetic thing, and can probably be fixed with using the models and textures from 2.5. I do like the more immersive feel, though.

All of the icons are more bland and gritty, the prices make acquiring good gear difficult, and gun play feels a lot different.

I run this no probs not on steam tho. Is it a zip file? Thats the only one i use 'cause the installer always screws up and doesn't work properly, eg: cant find installation. So, download the zip file, extract to a temp folder somewhere, the folder you just extracted should say something like, SGM 2.2 all in one english (if your using english version), inside that folder is the gamedata folder.

SGM read me tells you to back-up your BIN folder because it makes changes to it, do so. Copy and paste that gamedata folder to the main directory of your game. If you have not used any other mods then there will be NO gamedata folder, it DOES NOT EXIST in the base game, if there is a gamedata folder just delete it or cut it out putting backed-up files back in first before pasting the new gamedata folder in.(Verify Cache i guess?!) Run the game and it should be good to go. If you ever remove the mod, ie, delete the gamedata folder you will have to copy/paste your original backed-up BIN folder back in or prepare for the worst. All the mods for these games are in a gamedata folder, as stated above they DO NOT EXIST in the base game. I upgraded from Complete to SGM and it works perfect. Originally posted by:I have not gotten a single installer at all in any download, even Moddb, my preferred modding site and everything and everybody is telling me i should have an installer.

It's been a year and nothing has followed up on this discussion. Has it been resolved? There is no installer for SGM like the one for Misery.

To install SGM you just have to unzip the file you downloaded (which contains a GAMEDATA folder) and then copy and paste this gamedata folder to your CoP installation folder. Thats all there is to it.