Soul Calibur 3 Voice Files Converter

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I need ones of Soulcalibur II or III Cervantes Japanese voice (Takashi Nagasako). And someone posted on the SCIV Speech files thread a sounds.rar file that has sc2 stuff in it, but Cervantes' voice is too high pitched but only has like four of his lines (being the ones before and after you fight ivy and inferno), all of which i don't really need, If anyone could post the rips of the japanese voice of cervantes from either SC2 of SC3 (and include all of the lines in the voice rips), that would be a very big help. I don't know but She might have unsed lines in it. Cervantes sure as hell did! Cervantes' came with lines that weren't even in the game nor his character profile (for example: 'How dare you!' , 'Darkness.' , and 'Welcome.'

) Darkness was (i believe) supposed to be followed by the game's 'Darkness is coming!' , 'Welcome' was to be followed by 'Now leave your soul here!' , and 'How dare you' was to be follwoed by 'I will crush you!' , just like how they were with Nagasako's ones of thos elines in the character profile. Why they didn't keep them is beyond me.

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