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Slingerlands Reading instructors are available to help you receive the Reading help. This included after school and summer programs that focused on getting. The Slingerland® Approach is a supportive instructional program that encourages academic competence, effective work habits and self-discipline. Students gain self-confidence and enthusiasm for learning as they experience success in school.

San Francisco Friends School is a public/private partnership offeringa summer program that addresses the achievement and opportunity gaps of ..

2019 Summer Comprehensive ClassesThe Slingerland® Approach .. and Continuum Levels: San Francisco Friends School, San Francisco CA; June 27 to July ..

The Slingerland® Summer School at the Lexicon Reading Center ..

The Slingerland® Summer School was conducted at the Lexicon Reading .. education teacher for San Francisco Unified School District; she was the pilot ..

We use the Slingerland Approach in all of our language arts instruction. .. As a private, non-profit, special education school, Stellar Academy provides an effective, specialized program for students with a dyslexia program .. SummerCamp.

Slingerland 2017 Summer Comprehensive Course - San Francisco ..

SAVE THE DATE for the Slingerland comprehensive Teacher training program in the San Francisco area. All three levels of the comprehensive training course ..

Slingerland teacher training-comprehensive course. - Slingerland SummerSchool (July) grades 1-12. DeYoung, Wick. San Francisco, CA [email protected]

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She is a former Slingerland instructor and worked for the Slingerland SummerSchool program in San Francisco. Candy also has a small private practice in San ..

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Course Tuition: (Includes Fees to Slingerland Institute & Fee for Criminal Background Check) 1st Year Introductory: $3025 2nd Year .. San Francisco Friends School .. Structured Word Inquiry (SWI) Summer Institute · Slingerland Training » ..

I will temporarily be living in SF for a few months before we buy a home ... went to a Slingerland (a technique to work with dyslexia) summer school last summer, ..


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63. 64. 65. 66. 67 Introduction The staff at Lexicon Reading Center reflects the multicultural population of Dubai; they come from a variety of countries where English is the major medium of instruction.

All teachers at Lexicon Reading Center have at least a post-graduate qualification in remedial teaching. In an endeavour to provide our students with the most advanced, scientifically based help with their learning differences, Lexicon Reading Center decided to further educate all our teachers in the approach that includes all the components proven by solid research to be very effective in reading and writing remediation, the Slingerland® approach. Slingerland Summer School at Lexicon Reading Center Professor Cushen White met our students during her May visit and selected a group of our students to participate in the Summer School. The selection was based on an initial screening, suitability for the program (age, learning profile etc.) and availability during the summer holidays. The program was conducted from the 21st of August to the 20th of September 2011.

All participants profited greatly from the program, although it was really hard work (3 hours for students and 9 hours for teachers daily)! The parents had the chance to interact with Professor Cushen White during a parent presentation where she outlined the scientific knowledge about Dyslexia and the Slingerland approach to remediation. Professor Cushen White also met the parents individually at the end of the Summer School to discuss each student’s progress and make relevant recommendations. The Trainer: Professor Nancy Cushen White, Ed.D University of California, San Francisco Lexicon Reading Center is privileged to have Professor Cushen White Ed.D as our Senior Consultant.

Professor Cushen White is conducting and supervising the training and accreditations of our teachers in the Slingerland® Approach. Nancy Cushen White, Ed.D, Clinical Professor, is a teacher and learning disabilities specialist in the Division of Adolescent Medicine of the University of California San Francisco. She has worked as a classroom teacher and special education teacher for San Francisco Unified School District; she was the pilot teacher for the special day class for gifted students with specific learning disabilities (dyslexia) in the Department of Special Education-SFUSD. The Slingerland Approach The Slingerland®Approach is an adaptation of the Orton-Gillingham method. Thousands of teachers throughout the United States, and in Canada, Australia, and the Philippines have received Slingerland training. This structured, sequential, simultaneous, multisensory teaching approach is designed to help dyslexic students and other struggling readers with speaking, reading, writing and spelling.