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It is a misconception that Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) language passwords in Excel spreadsheets of XLSX or XLSM format cannot be broken. There are few programs available with definite algorithms that can decode VBA project password for all versions of Excel including 2007. MS Excel 2007 creates XLSX file by default whereas it forms XLSM file when macros are enabled. Hence, though developers apply Visual Basic Application password to prevent access to the pass-code of the VBA macro, it is possible to crack VBA project password in Excel 2007 worksheet and workbook. Several programmers have devised ways to clear the applied password that allows users to gain accessibility like viewing, editing, etc. The present blog goes into exploring the different ways that can be employed to break the passwords.

What Does VBA Password Restrict in XLSX & XLSM Files?

A password or cipher can be applied by the developers to lock the VBA macro so as to prevent end users from viewing and modifying the Excel VBA project modules and User Forms in the XLSX files. Moreover, when it is tried to expand the project it prompts for a password. Same is the case with macro enabled VBA macro created in Excel worksheets that forms XLSM file. An end user is allowed to use the macros but restricted to view or modify the embedded macros unless password created by the developers is known. Hence, in such cases utilization of Excel macro tool becomes necessary in addition to de-coding VBA password in Excel 2007 XLSX files. Also if the end users are the developer themselves, it is quite possible that he/she has forgotten the password.

Note – XLSM files are same as .xlsx files but with macros enabled. However, because of security concerns Excel does not enable macros by default and forms .xlsx files by default.

VBA Macro Password Removal in Excel 2007 (XLSX & XLSM File)

This section provides different methods that can be utilized by users who have lost or forgotten the Visual Basic Application password from .xlsx & .xlsm files. The methods as how to crack VBA macro password in Excel 2007 is explored in this section.

Cracking Excel XLSX File VBA Password with 7-Zip Software

This method utilizes 7-Zip software which is free-of-cost, Open Source File Archiver. With this method, VBA password from files of .xlsx format (combination of ZIP compression and XML architecture) can be cleared and not actually cracked. The below mentioned steps must be followed in sequential manner.

Steps Are Shown Below:

  1. Open the Excel 2007 XLSX file with 7-Zip.
  2. Browse to xl/worksheets/ folder.
  3. Right click on the sheet1.xml, sheet2.xml, etc. and chose option Edit.
  4. Find the portion <sheetProtection password=“XXXX” sheet=“1” objects= “1” scenarios= “1” />
  5. Clear the encrypted password (i.e. <sheetProtection password=”“sheet=“1” objects=“1” scenarios=“1” />)
  6. Thereafter, save the file.
  7. When 7-Zip prompts to update the archive it should be allowed.
  8. Close 7-Zip and re-open the XLSX file.
  9. Click Unprotect Sheet on the ‘Review’ button.
  10. Finally save the file after removal of password.

VBA Password Cracking Using ‘HxD Hex Editor’ Software

XLS files manage the VBA password by simply comparing the strings. Therefore, one method for cracking the password is simply by swapping the password entry in the file using hex editor tool. This method follows the algorithm of forming a spreadsheet with a known password and then copying in the appropriate fields. This method works correctly a lot of time. However, if it is tried to paste the wrong number of bytes into the file the VBA project shall get lost while opening the file with Excel.

Note 1 – Here, in this method the Excel 2007 XLSM file must first be saved in .xls format.

Note 2 – In this method HxD – Freeware Hex Editor, a simple disk editor software application has been used to break-in into the password.


  1. Create a backup of the file at a safe location.
  2. Make a new Excel file of .xls format.
  3. In the VBA part (ALT + F11) setup any simple password (E.g.234).
  • For this, first click upon Tools tab as shown in the image below.
  • Then in the window, VBA Project – Project Properties, go to ‘Protection’ tab enter the password and confirm password field to view properties of the project.
  • Then setup any random password of choice and click OK as shown in the image below.
  1. Save the file and then exit.
  2. Open the created-file, with ‘Hex editor’
  3. Copy the lines starting with the following keys in the HxD tool as shown in the figure below.
  • CMG=….
  • DPB=….
  • GC=….
  1. Open the file of which the VBA password has to be cracked with Hex Editor and paste the copied CMG, DPB and GC lines from the dummy file that had been created earlier.
  2. Thereafter, save the Excel file and then exit.
  3. Lastly, open the Excel file of which the VBA password has to be broken. The password for the VBA code will simply be 234, the same as set in Step 3.

VBA Password Cracking Using ‘XVI32 Hex Editor’ Software

Note 1 – Here, in this method the Excel 2007 XLSM file must first be saved in .xls format.

Note 2 – In this method XVI32 Hex Editor, a simple disk editor software application has been used for cracking the password.


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  1. Download the XVI32 Hex Editor application.
  2. Save the workbook as XLS file and make a backup copy.
  3. Open the workbook in the XVI32 Hex Editor that looks like the one shown in the image below.
  4. Locate and replace the DPB keyword as displayed in the figure below.
  • The text string actually point to Excel file tag for the VBA password.
  • In order to get around the VBA Password prompt, users just need to mess the tag a bit. This can be done by simply changing the DPB to DPX (i.e. the letter B must be replaced with X).
  1. Close the editor and save the alterations made.
  2. Open the newly formed Excel workbook. On doing this a pop as shown in the figure below will come up on the screen where the option ‘Yes’ must be clicked upon.
  • At times, an error with code 40230 many also occur, which must be ignored.
  1. Finally, the VBA protection must be removed. This can be done by visiting the Visual Basic Editor (Alt+F11) and then selecting View>>Project Explorer. Then right click on the VBA Project for the Excel workbook and select VBAProject Properties as displayed in the image below.
  • In the ‘Project Properties’ dialog box, go to the Protection tab and clear all selections and text in the password field as displayed in the figure below.
  1. Lastly, save and close the newly created unprotected Excel spreadsheet. Now, if the new Excel 2007 worksheet is opened it will not have any VBA password.

Conclusion Drawn:

Undoubtedly, all the three above described free manual methods can be utilized to crack VBA project password in Excel 2007 worksheet. However, success is not guaranteed and depends on the user’s technical knowhow to execute the procedures correctly. The methods also do not ensure 100% success always. Therefore, to achieve cent percent outcome any external tool is indeed essential to be brought in use. Although several professional utilities are available, the one which can be relied upon is VBA Password Remover.One stop solution to unlock and erase VBA password. It is featured by numerous advanced capabilities like the one’s mentioned below:

  • Effectively replace password from single VBA document with ease.
  • MS Office editions like 2007, 2003, 2000, 97 & XP are supported.
  • Supports mot just XLSX and XLSM file but .doc, .xls, .xls, .mdb, etc.
  • Retrieves password of any length efficiently in simple manner.
  • Erases older password and generates a new one.
  • Can recover multilingual VBA macro password too.

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