Microsoft Lifecam Vx-3000 Buzzing Sound

Make sure that when it is being tested, the sound meter rises to the yellow area. You're able to need many problems with Microsoft Lifecam VX-3000.

I just bought a LifeCam VX 3000 to replace my Logica camera. The reason I'm replacing is because with Logica I sometimes couldn't get the sound and mic to work. But now I'm seeing the same sypmtom with my new LifeCam. The sound and mic bar on the right of both video images are stuck at the bottom and won't move up. I use a Vista Ultimate system.

The only way to get it to work is to close and run Live Messenger again and again (till it just starts to work). I've tried the LifeCam on another USB port, I've tried adding another mic, I've tried it on another Vista system, and I've tried every setting on the menu, but I could not find a exact repro step, trend or a method to fix this. Am I am only one seeing this symptom? I set up a LifeCam VX-3000 on my computer running Vista Home Premium and it was working fine within Messenger.

After moving the computer to a different room (removing and replacing all external devices) I now can not get Messenger to detect the built-in microphone. It seems that the microphone does work, since if I go into Control PanelSound and access the microphone tab, it seems to be working normally (bar graph moves according to sound). I have another new VX-3000 camera and I get the same results from it. I have tried removing and reinstalling the device, the LifeCam software, moving the cam to different USB ports all to no avail.

I did finally get it working again by trying your idea of just closing and re-launching Messenger. After a few tries, the mic is recognized and working normally. This definitely seems to be an issue with Messenger (I am running version 8.1 (build 8.1.0178.00). Well I tried installing another one of these same cameras on my brother's computer (Vista) and while going through the setup, the microphone and sound both work normally. When I try a video call in Messenger, there is no sound at all (I can not hear the other person and they can not hear me). Both the mic and speaker adjustments are greyed out. When I go into the audio and video setup option in Messenger, everything works normally.

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I tried all the usual troubleshooting steps, but nothing has helped. I am starting to think that these cameras are just garbage. We just installed a new machinew with Vista Ultimate. LivecamVX 3000 We can see the video and hear the sound from the other side just fine. But the microphone on the VX3000 only works sporadically and the volume appears to turn itself down autmatically. Even though the volume has turned itself down the microphone appears to not work at all beyond the first few moments after the video call is established. I was very worried that it was a hardware issue.

But this forum is steering towards software as the issue. Surprised that ther is no kb articlel! I had the same problem and I solved it. When I used the camera with other application than Messenger the MIC and CAMERA worked fine. So I understood that something related to messenger is not functioning, therefore I tried to solve the problem within messenger and I succeeded.

You must define the camera and its sound in the messenger application (loudspeakers OR headset and mic). Open the messenger with your user name and password, go to Tools and choose the video wizard. For the camera define 'microsoft lifecam vx 3000' (or similar), for the loudspeakers or headset define the default option, for the mic define 'usb camera'.

Microsoft lifecam vx-3000 buzzing sound outside

This prodedure solved the problem. Good luck, try it and let me know.

I installed 2 LifeCam VX-3000s, 1 on Xp the other on Vista like all who inquired there was no sound either way. The Problem seems to be Windows Live Messenger.

I installed Skype for Windows and it worked instantly. Microsoft does not care to fix their software - you know something is a foot when you go to install the LifeCam and the software doesn't work and the version is outdated before it is installed.

If Skype is an option I suggest you use it instead of Live Messenger, but their is no reason you can't have both on your computer - Skype and Live Messenger. If Live Messenger doesn't work with sound - do you really want it on your computer. So I've had the same problem with the VX-3000 on Vista 32-bit system. I solved it by using my system microphone as the mic, instead of the built in VX3000 mic. I think there is a conflict between the VX-3000 drivers and the creative drivers running my Audigy 2ZS sound card.

It's is that conflict that is killing both incoming and outgoing sound. Everyone should try using they're system microphones instead.or just disabling that mic.see if it works then. The camera part works great.nice picture, good exposure control and fun special effects in the software. I'm having exactly the same problem, with the same camera, using Windows Live Messenger version 2008 (Compilation 8.5.1302.1018).

But I think its a Messenger problem because the cam AND the mic just work fine with Skype. Still looking for a consistent workaround, but it seems it's a big damn bug, so we have to wait for the good will — LOL! — of the Microsoft Team. Sad that I've chosen this camera for its 'Broad IM Compatibility' — that's what is written right on the box — and that it fails just with one of the most popular Microsoft application; if not the most popular IM application at all. I had the same issue, no sound on my VX-3000 on Vista (Business in my case).

I would manually set my record volume level via the sound task bar icon to have it rest by itself to zero, etc. I would try to run the Microsoft LifeCam software and do an audio recording, it looks like it works (see video, records to a file, etc) but when I open the file in Windows Media Player, nothing no sound. I originally did the install on XP (earlier system that it worked fine on) and remember doing a 'setup' of the camera including a volume setting but did not see that in Vista.

I remember that when I did the Vista install, I did not install the chat program because I don't use it (Messenger). I decided to press the button on the top of the camera, it asked me to install Messenger, I did, and then when it was finally installed, I started Messenger.

In there, under a menu icon, there is a audio/video setup screen. I ran that wizard and was able to do like I did in xp - setup volume, picture settings (brightness, contrast.), etc.

I then set Messenger to not run with Windows startup. (NOTE: Did not try to uninstall Messenger though.) After doing that, I was able to do a test via the 'Microsoft LifeCam' and it actually played sound in Windows Media Player.

Seems to work. I guess I will see if it resets the volume by itself now. MS should really come up with a better solution. Seem like a lot of people have run into this silly issue on a product that seems half way decent! I think this is a Windows Live messenger or windows vista problem.

I bought an HP pavilion laptop a short while ago that had Windows Vista loaded by default (unfortuanately). The laptop has its own webcam and microphones built in although I (try to) use it with my headphones with boom-mic. If I make an audio call there is no hassles with the system. If I try to make a video call I get the same problem many has mentioned so far.

The mic and speaker volume slidebars are locked in the down position and there is no way to move it. With the cam and mic setup everything works fine but no audio in video call. This problem is in other words not confined to the LifeCam VX 3000, unless they are the suppliers for the HP pavilion series ofcourse. Has anybody here found a fix to this so far or, heaven behold, has microsoft come up with a fix? Please let me know, I am due for another month away from home soon and skype is unfortuanately banned at most places in the UAE.

HOW TO SOLVE NO SOUND IN LIFECAM VX3000 - IN VISTA l have been notifyed by messenger via email about the LifeCam Vx-3000 problem having no sound and was told to do the following to fix the problem, For Windows Vista 1. Click start,type Nework and Sharing Centre in the start Search box & then press ENTER 2. Click Manage network connections 3.Under Lan or High -Speed Internet,select the Local Area Connection that has a status of connection 4.Right -click that connection,and then click properties 5.Clear the QoS Packet Scheduler cheak box 6.Click OK to save the changes and close the window 7Restart the computer,and use MSN Messenger Video conference feature.

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