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SLC Software Services - Prices Prices Support Products Medisoft Software Pricing - New & Trade-in/Upgrade pricing Prices on this page are for Medisoft Patient Accounting Software Version 19 For Order Form and Upgrade Prices click here All software is now delivered via the web. DVD media can be requested for a small fee. UPGRADE PRICING AND PROMO PRICING CAN BE FOUND ON ORDER FROM PAGE PRICE SHEET Description New Price Medisoft Patient Accounting Basic - new purchase $499.00 $494.00 Medisoft Advanced Patient Accounting new purchases $1299.00 $1294.00 Medisoft Network Professional included Office Hours Pro and Final Draft Word Processor version 19 CALL TO SEE WHAT PROMO ARE AVAILABLE. Requires the additional purchase of a Database Server License see pricing below) See order from page for upgrade pricing Advantage Database Server Licenses VERSION 11.X For use with Medisoft v19 If you are purchasing Medisoft Version 19 Medisoft Network Profession software you must also purchase Advantage Database Server license for number of users on Medisoft and Offices Hours If you are using Advantage older than v11.x you must purchase and upgrade to your Advantage License. New Licenses Price Upgrade v9 & V10 Licenses to v11 Price 2 User Database Server Licenses $299 $179 3 User Database Server Licenses $449 $185 5 User Database Server Licenses $739 $189 10 User Database Server Licenses $1389 $359 15 User Database Server Licenses $2089 $529 25 User Database Server Licenses $3019 $759 50 User Database Server Licenses $4229 $1049 100User Database Server Licenses $5429 $1359 250 User Database Server Licenses $6059 $1519 Unlimited Users $8269 $3309 $3,599.00 $3,594.00. Serial numbers are required for all upgrades.

Numbers, and Legacy PIN numbers are stored in Medisoft (flexible grids) and applied to electronic and paper claims. As a consequence of.

Medisoft Reports Pro - (Focus Reports Pro) $399.00 Codes on Disk - Full CPT -4 /ICD-9 HCPCS v19 (ICD-10 CODES COMING SOON) $399.00 Encoder Pro $554.00 Communication Manager - IS BEING DISCONTINUED IN VERSION 19 - MUST PAY FOR A MIRTH UPGRADE FROM INDEPENDENT VAR - PLEASE ASK McKesson is offering a special for clients using MediNotes to upgrade to Medisoft Clinical - call us for details. 'Discontinued' Move to Medisoft Clinical from MediNotes & save while continuing to use your Medisoft Practice Management software. $1395.00 Relay Health Electronic Claims Processing Services Implementation and software fee. (one per practice) Requires EDI Monthly Support Services Agreement - See EDI Contract for fee details You may select to do Subscription Pricing full bundle or Subscription Pricing pre type of service needed or your practice may do per Transaction pricing. Call if you need help understanding this information.

513-922-4303 Subscription Pricing (Bundled) 90.00 per provider per month - EDI Bundled Services: Electronic Claims (unlimited), Electronic Remittance (unlimited), Electronic Eligibility (Unlimited): Paper Claims (is you choose) $0.55 each (if you want to send all claims even those that can not be sent electronically. The clearing house will print them on paper and mail them for you at a fee of.55 per claim.

Filed Under, Installation of Medisoft Network Professional Installation of Medisoft Network Professional consists of 2 different installations. First you will need to install and configure the program on the server machine. You will then proceed to install the Medisoft client on all workstations that will be accessing the server. The server installation will install the Advantage Database Server, and is only to be done on the computer that will be acting as server on the network.

The client installation will install the actual Medisoft program, and should be installed on ALL machines that will be using Medisoft to access and manipulate the data. Tips and Tricks: For best performance, the server machine should be used strictly as a server. This means that nobody will be using the server machine as a workstation. This prevents the server from locking up and possibly corrupting the data. Server Installation and Configuration. Insert the Medisoft 14 CD in the server CD-ROM drive.

The Installation splash screen appears. On the Installation window, click the Advantage Tools link. Click the Advantage Server link.

The Advantage Database Server for Windows NT/2000/2003 Setup Wizard window appears. Tips and Tricks: You may need to access the Advantage Configuration Utility later in order to adjust some of the settings. You can access the utility by clicking Start, Programs, Advantage Database Server 10.0, and Advantage Configuration Utility.

The number you enter on this screen will automatically optimize your Advantage configuration for the number of computers you will be using. If you enter a number higher than your purchased user license, you will not be able to access Medisoft on more machines. You will simply be setting aside too many resources, which can affect the system performance.

Similarly, if the number entered is too low, you may encounter error messages as a result of not enough resources being available. The general formula used to determine the number of connections in the Configuration Utility tab is 10 times the number of users. Option: On the Installation window click the Exit link or continue other installation processes. Tips and Tricks: It is not required that you grant Full Control to everyone. It is, however, required that you grant full control to any WINDOWS users you would like to have access to your Medisoft data. If you don’t grant access to everyone, each individual user or group of users must be granted permissions separately depending on your network configuration.

If a user is granted read access only, they will be able to open Medisoft, but as soon as the program attempts to append any files, an error will occur stating that the user does not have rights to this path. Click the Security Tab. You will need to make the same adjustments to this screen as you did in the Permissions screen. All requirements are the same. Once completed, click Apply, and then click OK.

Tips and Tricks: If you will not be using the server machine as a workstation that will access Medisoft directly, you do not need to take any more installation steps on the server. If you will be using the server as a workstation as well, you will need to proceed with the client installation on the server. Client Installation and Configuration The steps outlined under Client Installation and Configuration must be taken on ALL the computers that will be running the Medisoft program. Insert the Medisoft 17 CD in the local CD-ROM drive. The Installation window appears. Tips and Tricks: If Medisoft has previously been installed, the installation will automatically point to the directory into which Medisoft was previously installed.

If you wish to change this, click Browse and select a different directory. If Medisoft has never been installed onto this computer, the default installation directory will be C: Program Files Medisoft. The installation program will automatically add the sub-directory “bin” to the installation path that is specified. This is important to note because any add-on products must reside in the same directory as the Medisoft program. A common error made during installation of these programs is that someone specifies that they want a program to install to C: Program Files Medisoft Bin. The result of this is that the program installs to the directory C: Program Files Medisoft Bin Bin.

The add-on program then returns an ACE32.dll error message. If you wish to exclude certain components of the installation, such as the Tutorial Data, or Office Hours program, you will need to select Custom Install. On the Ready to Install window click the Next button. The Installing window appears and tracks the progress of the installation. On the Installation Completed window click the Finish button. The installation program closes.

Repeat steps 1 through 10 for each client workstation. Connecting the Medisoft Client to the server data directory After installing the Medisoft client on each workstation (new installs only), you will need to connect each Medisoft client to the server data directory. The process for connecting to the server is as follows:. Double-click your Medisoft icon. Tips and Tricks: Medisoft Network Professional DOES NOT work with mapped drives. When using your server computer as a workstation, you must still connect to the Medidata folder using UNC. (This means you are going to type the EXACT same thing in this window on every computer, both workstation and server.) Once you have identified the path, write it down and take it with you to each computer.

This method helps you avoid needing to browse on each computer, and ensures accuracy in connecting to the directory. The traditional UNC (Universal Naming Convention) is NameOfServer Medidata. You will need to replace certain portions of this example with values depending on your network setup.

You will need to use the name of your server and the name of your root data directory. The only time this path will read C: Medidata is on a single user install. Tips and Tricks: If your root data directory has been entered incorrectly, and you need to change it, you can do so.

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Exit the Medisoft program, and while holding down the F7 button on your keyboard, double-click on the Medisoft icon. You will be returned to step 2 of this process. When naming your sub-directories, it is best practice to choose a short name that can be easily identified. For example, use the doctor’s last name, practice name, etc. It is not considered good practice to name multiple practice data directories using names such as data1, data2, data3, etc.

This makes it difficult to identify exactly which practice belongs in each sub-directory. Tips and Tricks: Once you have created and opened a practice, the Medisoft program will remember which practice was last opened on each computer. The next time you start the Medisoft program, it will automatically open into that practice. In some instances a practice may be damaged, or you might not have security access to the last practice opened. This would prevent you from opening Medisoft. If you hold the F8 button while double-clicking your Medisoft icon, the program will open to the practice list, and you will be able to select which practice you wish to open.

You will also be able to create a new practice. Copyright 2012