Marlin Guitar Serial Numbers

Marlin guitars were sold only in the U.K. By Welsh distributor British Music Strings Ltd. Originally, they were made in East Germany for a short period in 1985, before being contracted out to Samick in 1986.

Marlin 'Loner' Stratocaster Electric Guitar in White (Serial number 7090712) In the 1980s, Marlin produced 3 guitars, The Sidewinder, The Loner and The Stingray. Of the three, The loner was the top of the range 'Superstrat'! My son already has has a 'Sidewinder', and the OCD in me wanted to collect all 3! Sadly, The Stingrays are even rarer than the Loner and Sidewinder, and my wife wants to have her house back and not be an outlet for Nevada Music:-) So this is a reluctant sale.

Marlin Guitar Serial Numbers

This guitar is in superb clean condition, a couple of small cracks to the body adjacent to the neck plate, otherwise brilliant condition! Do not be misled by the later Marlins which are generally of poor budget quality, these boys from the 80s are the dog's proverbials! I can’t do justice to the poetry that this guitar needs to describe it, so have added e xtracts from a review by Bob Leggitt from July last year “Marlin Sidewinder – The Forgotten Legend” “The Sidewinder took the impoverished guitarist’s world by storm in the mid 1980s, and those still surviving should, theoretically, have the same kind of status as a late ‘80s Korean Squier. No other guitar dogged the Squier Strat’s UK sales in such a sustained and relentless manner as the Marlin Sidewinder.

Possibly more than any other single piece of kit, the Sidewinder forced Squier’s production out of Japan, and into Korea! This guitar is a hard rock-orientated ‘Superstrat’ with rosewood fretboard, two standard single coils (neck and middle) plus an amazing double ‘rail’ humbucker in the bridge position. Even more amazingly, the Marlins pickups were wax-potted.

This process of pressure-saturating the coil windings with hot wax was virtually unheard of spec. On budget guitars. But if a cheaply-made guitar was to stand up to any sort of professional gigging or recording situation, wax potting was usually vital.

In a nutshell, It came, it ruled the world of budget rock guitars, and it went. But for a sustained spell in the second half of the 1980s it was every guitar vendor’s dream. It looked eyecatching, it could feasibly crank out Smoke on the Water, and drooling kids with their sights set on being the next axe god of rocksville, had parents who could afford it. So come on you online dealers, with your “fine vintage piece” early Korean Squiers let’s see you do the Marlin Sidewinder some justice! In the United Kingdom it was a worldbeater for two years. If you can price up an '88 Squier at five hundred quid, surely you can do better than seventy quid on an all-original Sidewinder?” Collection welcomed just off Junction 7/8 M27, or courier for £14.99.

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If couriered, she will come well packed in a guitar box, and protected further with bubble wrap. Posted with eBay Mobile.