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When you hit 40, you start to notice that your body doesn't bounce back from things as it used to. You start falling into health risk categories, you never used to have to worry about, particularly if you have a family history of them. And weight loss, don't get me started on that one. A lifelong, or even a mature onset battle with weight, is one of the hardest, yet most important struggles to conquer.

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It's knock on effects of diabetes and heart disease susceptibility, is enough to make you realise that a change in your lifestyle needs to happen. The largest weight loss I ever achieved was two years post-baby, when I spent a huge amount on personal training, over about six months. I learned the value of protein in my diet, minimising carbs and working out A LOT.

Unfortunately, though, I would liken personal training to a form of dieting. It's a sexy way to lose weight in the short term, but for most everyday mums and dads, juggling family life, mortgage stress and work, it can fall by the wayside, and become difficult to sustain in the long term. When you take away the motivational force of a personal trainer from your life, it's amazing how easy it is for the weight to creep back on. Healthpointe 2.0. Have you tried every diet under the sun and dabbled with the gym and personal training?


This was me at the start of 2018. A free health check at my local pharmacy showed that my body stats were unfavourable, endangering my health and putting me at risk of diabetes. Therefore, when the opportunity to work with a Healthpointe Coach came along, I had nothing to lose. Healthpointe 2.0 is a weight loss and wellness programme, offering real foods in real portions and plenty of snacks, combined with keeping active. The key to its approach to food is to cut back and reduce the amount of carbohydrates and fat we eat, but not the amount of protein. This is nothing new in itself, as personal trainers also promote the importance of a high protein diet.

However, Healthpointe is completely removed from gym culture, which puts many of us off. It focuses instead, on lifelong change. It offers a cyclical weight loss and maintenance programme, combined with a focus on everyday movement ( clocking your steps) and a motivational coach to assist with accountability. I think this is one of the main selling points for this programme. While the dietary recommendations are effective and sustainable, the presence of a coach who stays in regular communication is imperative. I was fortunate enough to be matched with Jennifer Kanthan, a friendly and dedicated 'health cheerleader'. A mother, Inner Strength eBook author and Healthpointe consultant, Jennifer has witnessed firsthand, the negative spiral of weight gain and an unhealthy lifestyle, and the effect it can have on mental health and wellbeing.

A follower of the Healthpointe programme herself, Jennifer is committed to encouraging her clients towards a more positive mindset, which complements conscious dietary habits and regular exercise. Healthpointe coaches are there to provide knowledge, moral support and practical advice to their clients. When I thought a goal of 10,000 steps a day for weight loss, was too great, Jennifer broke it down into something I could achieve in my everyday life.

It's amazing how many steps a day, household chores can rack up! Just walking - any walking - is the key.

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Not running, nor going to the gym, if that's not the type of thing you can commit to in the long term. I also loved that you genuinely never have to feel hungry on the diet. Frequency of snacks (provided they are the right type of snacks to stimulate your metabolism) are encouraged. Again, my coach gave me all the advice and dietary guidance I required, to follow a Healthpointe cycle with effective results. It's wonderful to have my very own before and after photos and I'm proud to share them, though I still have a way to go on my personal weight loss journey.

After two Healthpointe cycles, I lost 65cms across my hips, thighs, abdomen, chest and waist combined. I also lost 5kgs and most importantly for my health, lowered my body's visceral fat levels. You can go as hard with the programme as you like in terms of weight loss but for my coach and I, we prefer a steady approach, which I can keep to in the long term. Fad diets never work and by 40, most people who have struggled with weight and/or negative mindset, are looking for real solutions for real people. If you are one of those people, I know where you are coming from. Wherever you live in Sydney, I would recommend you give Jennifer a call and arrange an introductory assessment (see details below of her special offer for WeekendNotes Sydney readers). Jennifer works with a dedicated team who can offer consultations in person, or via skype, and keep in regular touch by communication tools like text or WhatsApp.

If it's time for a change in your life, what better time than now? For more on my Healthpointe journey, you can see my post-cycle interview on.