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Advertisement The story involves the super powered beings known as Sekirei who are cute girls with remarkable physical and mental powers. Their powers can be increased by kissing certain humans with special genes, called Ashikabi. Mysterious MBI Corporation runs a Sekirei Plan, which is a Sekirei Elimination Battle competition. The series follows the story of Minato, an Ashikabi who survives the life threatening battles of Sekirei Plan and the fierce competition between Sekirei for him. Also Read: News for Sekirei Season 3 There seems to have very rare or no possibilities for the Sekirei Season 3, until in July 2016, the director of the anime, Keizou Kusakawa, said in an interview that he always wished to continue the show and would still like to direct Sekirei Season 3. When he was asked about why Funimation didn’t continue the series he said, maybe because the second season of the anime didn’t do so well in the market and was very harshly reacted by the fans as they didn’t follow the manga storyline completely. Further, he said that he would like to compensate the audience for the second season with a new installment of the series.

Free Download Anime Sekirei Season 3

This interview took place during the release of the fifth volume of the novel “Riddle story of the Devil”. However, these words from the director are the biggest hope for the Sekirei Season 3 to happen. Updated on: No announcement has been made by the production house. It has been 8 years since the second season of the anime finished airing back in 2010, the chances of anime to make a comeback are very less. Also Read: Spoilers for the Sekirei Season 3 Fans of the series will remember that Minaka and Takami found a vessel which had fallen from the space which contained Sekirei and then they founded MBI.

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Moreover, season 2 of the anime ended with the total destruction in the MBI tower and also the end of the Sekirei Plan. Minato and all his Sekirei left the tower and began to live a normal life.

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According to a fan theory, in the third season, Matsu who secured the data from the MBI tower for the treatment of Higa, will re-examine all the data collected, she will discover the real objective of MBI Corporation for the death battles between the Sekirei. Moreover, she will also find the true origin of the Sekirei and why they are connected with Ashikabis. However, the data found in the building would be incomplete. Therefore she will begin to investigate more about MBI and Sekirei by her own. This will lead the story to a major villain and his master plan to destroy the earth, which was set all along from the falling of the Sekirei vessel. Meanwhile, Minato and Musubi will start a romantic relationship which will cause other Minato’s Sekirei to get jealous of Musubi because they all also have a connection with Minato too. When Minato will find about the truth of the Sekirei and Ashikabi, he will begin to fall away from Musubi.

This will create huge difficulty to defeat the new villain of the series. Also Read: Sekirei Season 3 Release Date Updates As there is no official word from the Funimation studio or by the any of the creators of the show, release date of the third season cannot be confirmed. But still, let us hope for the Sekirei Season 3 to happen soon.

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Sekirei is a supernatural anime that centers around powerful beings from another planet, called Sekirei. Animes are Japanese cartoons, but unlike most cartoons, these shows are usually geared towards teens or even adults. Sekirei was originally based off a manga, or Japanese comic book. The anime aired in Japan, in Japanese, before being translated and airing in the United States.

Sekirei are aliens that look very much like humans, and have a similar genetic code. However, they way they act and the goals they have can be quite different from humans. Minato Sahashi finds this out when a Sekirei named Musubi forms a contract with him. Minato is a poor student, and also has poor luck with women.