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Talking about the change-log for the update, Nokia notes the following:. Improved phone call quality: The calls will be clearer and if you were facing slight network issues, they’ll be eliminated.

Jun 18, 2013 - The Nokia Notifications API (introduced with the Nokia Asha software platform 1.0) provides a mechanism to deliver app-specific push. Nokia 206 Review: Free Nokia 206 software download. Nokia206 cost is destined to give quality smart-phone with high end features for connectivity lengthwise with dual SIM choices. With the cell, you can either access to Facebook and electronic mails. Mobile software for 206 & applications free download. If you buy a single SIM phone.

Self-Portarit voice guidance has been improved. Added WhatsApp (for dual sim) and YouTube launchers. Other general performance improvements making the phone stable.

App Updates: Facebook, Twitter, eBuaddy, News and Offers, Email and Notifications apps updated. Updating Nokia 206 As Nokia 206 doesn’t support updating via Nokia Suite, the only option left is to use FOTA or else visit Nokia Care and get the phone updated. To update via FOTA, follow these steps. Are you fed up with pre-installed apps/tones/wallpapers/bookmarks of your Nokia java phone and want to delete without help of any PC? Here is complete process I will guide you step by step ๏ First we talk about tones/wallpapers/bookmarks. For better understanding, I’ll guide by example Let a preinstalled file in our Gallery in Tones folder is Nokia.aac, and we want to delete it, so first copy any file (image/tone/any other text file) in memory card, and rename it Nokia.aac by MiniCommander or BlueFTP or UC Browser’s file manager.

Now go to Gallery Memory card (not My apps Memory card) and mark Nokia.acc and move it to Tones. (Do not directly move, just mark and move).

You will see – “Item already exist”. Now go to Tones and go to Nokia.aac, and go to option, you will see delete option highlighted. Do same with wallpapers/other tones also. You can delete multiple files by renaming and mark & moving multiple files at once.

๏ Delete pre-installed apps You need to make backup file of apps and games. Rename backup file with MiniCommander or BlueFTP.NBF to.zip and open this file. Inside this file, open Java Collections. There is many folders like cherryIndiaprivate, oviprivate, facebookprivate etc.

So first copy any file (image/tone/any other text file) in memory card, and rename it cherryIndia (do not write cherryIndiaprivate) or as your apps by MiniCommander or BlueFTP or UC Browser’s file manager. Go to My apps Memory card (not Gallery Memory card) and rename cherryIndia to cherryIndia.jar. Now mark it and move it to collection or games or where your app exists. (Do not directly move, just mark and move). You will see – “Item already exist”. Now go to app and go to option, you will see delete option highlighted.

Do same with other apps also. You can delete multiple apps by renaming and mark & moving multiple files at once. ๏ Delete pre-installed bookmarks Send your bookmark to any china mobilethere a file will be like 60gamesbookmark.bmk (something like this or somewhat). Then rename any file to this name in your gallery and do same process For deleting Introduction, rename any file to Introduction.nfl and do the same FOR MORE DETAILS AND TO CLARIFY YOUR DOUBTS, VISIT THIS LINK: DONOT THANK ME, I JUST SHOWN YOU THE WAY. IAM JUST A VISITOR.THAT’S ALL. Hi Narender Thanks for the detailed review and the troubleshooting tips.

I actually got 206 Dual for my dad. The guy in the store transferred some of the photos from his old phone into the My Received Files folder, and some of the remaining ones into a new micro SD card. Sadly, I am not able to transfer the pics in My Received Files folder, and that has clogged the internal memory of the phone. How do I fix this (I cannot factory reset without losing the pics I presume)? Also, is there a way to make the SD card the default storage for all messages and photos taken by the phone camera? Thanks a lot!

When you go to the Files and open the received folder, don’t you see the copy/move option upon pressing the left soft key? It mush show up along with the options of selecting multiple files at once and then initiating the copy/move. You cannot store the text messages to your SD card, but yep camera pics can be sent directly to the SD.

Just open camera, select options and there must be an option to set the default storage, either in the options or the settings sub-menu. I can’t quote the exact option as they are different in different phones. Hey, Narendra I m using Nokia asha 206 and its software version is 4.52. Well,my nokia phone is working great but i have the query of updating the new version because my previous version get expired of whats app which is pre installed in the phone. Actually,my phone memory get full nd when I tried to upgrade my whts app it shows to delete some items because it requires 1.7mb space but i have no idea what to delete because in phone memory there is nothing else instead of some pre installed apps and few games and ringtones which are system file and which are nt able to be deleted. Iron man mark 6 armor. So,I am totally fused and it seems a big trouble for me.

I don’t know what should i do for that. So, you please suggest and leave a reply as soon as possible. Hope ur suggestion will prove to be best as well as helpful for me. Hello evryone I have a nokia 206 (black) Software version 4.52 I recieved whatsapp preinstalled After the OTA sw update the preinstalled apps increases and nimbuzz etc also got updated leaving my fon memory almost absentI have nothing on the fon not evn a phone no. Now when I put a memory card and try to open the music player it says ” not enough memory to run music player” i visited a nokia care and said your preninstlled apps leav no spaceheights of bloatware, the nokia people responded by saying “sir preinstalled apps cannot be deleted you have to live with it,” I am jst hating da fon its slow as fffff. And fon memory is full with bloatware, you cant even remove them via a usb bcoz it dsnt have one! Hahhahahhahahahah No wonder nokia is biting the dust.

If anyone finds a solution let me know. From where did you download WhatsApp? It will be a big work here if you re-install WhatsApp and you’ll also lose your present saved chats.

But because they are already like lost, try the following process. If you are able to open WhatsApp somehow, Goto settings and delete your account which will clear all the data as well as the chats.

Download the two files from the following links: 3. Transfer both of them to your phone’s memory card. You’d need some card reader to do this or put in your memory card into another phone as your phone does not have a USB Port to connect to the PC. Browse your memory card in your phone and Open this newly transferred file. Let’s see if it works. I am also facing the same problem after i update the software for whats app in Nokia 206(dual sim), its showing phone memory full delet some items and almost i delet the whole iteme excepet the inbuilt phones ringtone and software its not deleted and also i go to the care for the software updateion but after 2 or 3 days its showing the same problem phone memory full Can any one please help me this what can i do????????????

And also one thing is that when i update the software in care then its working and whats app size is 2.1 MB but after 2 or 3 days this size increase and showing the 5.1 MB for that my phone is working slow and geting pop that ” Delet some items in phone memory ” Please any one help me out this problme. Guys look, I want to help you out because I was confused just like you are now, and I did it just as the following steps: 1- Create a backup of your data(if you want).

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2- Just delete all personal data such as Images, messages etc 3- Delete some system files such as Wallpapers, one of two themes, nokia ringtone and any app you may have installed yourself.!!!Do not discard the update, because you may have to download it again, just click Options-Install later. 4- Go to Menu-Settings-Rest. Sett.-All (this will reset your phone to factory default, it means that it will delete everything that’s not system protected, this makes some free space for your update to install.).