Drivers Nvidia Geforce 8500 Gt Ubuntu Iso

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Install Nvidia Drivers on Ubuntu 12.04 Precise/Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric/Linux Mint By Umair → Tuesday, March 27, 2012 The NVIDIA 295.33 driver for Linux has been released since few hours and comes now with support of the following Nvidia graphics cards.

Nvidia geforce 8500 driver download
Only use these instructions if you are booting from the LiveCD, as I am. I have not installed Ubuntu on my hard drive and have no real experience with it.
I have an NVidia MX-4000 video card. This card requires the legacy nvidia closed-source drivers to enable compositing. The default open-source drivers won't let me set anything beyond System -> Preferences -> Appearance -> Visual Effects -> None.
Start System -> Administration -> Hardware Drivers. Apply the NVidia drivers offered. They will download and install to disk. They won't be used, however, without restarting X. Read on.
At this point you're prompted to reboot to use the drivers. Don't. Rebooting restarts the LiveCD and you lose your download. Simply close the Hardware Drivers window.
Start a Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal.
In 9.04 you could type 'sudo telinit 1' to restart the whole gdm/X system. This left me with a black screen in 9.10.
Instead, type 'sudo telinit 1 ; sudo telinit 2'. After a few seconds ( 5 or 10) you'll be dropped to a full-screen command line.
At that command line type 'sudo service gdm start'.
X will restart and you'll be dropped into whichever Gnome environment you were in last. Should be the desktop.
Start System -> Preferences -> Display. It should tell you that your drivers don't support Display, but offer to start the driver's configuration instead. You may do this to look around. I didn't change anything.
Start System -> Preferences -> Appearance. Click on the Visual Effects tab. Click the Extra radio button.
Enjoy creamy compositing goodness.