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Synopsis Picking up where the first one leaves off, Light joins the task force searching for Kira in an effort to avert suspicion from himself-and get rid of L. In the second installment of the Death Note film franchise, Light Yagami meets a second Kira and faithful follower Misa Amane and her Shinigami named Rem. Light attempts to defeat L along with Teru Mikami (a Kira follower) and Kiyomi Takada (another Kira follower) but in the end will Light win? Or will a Shinigami named Ryuk make all the difference in Light's victory or his ultimate death? Downloaded 6251 times 4/21/2017 5:59:07 AM. Reviewed by kriitikko 9/10 The second part of the 'Death Note' movie series, 'the Last Name'starts from where the first one ended.

Yagami Light, who uses God ofDeath's notebook, the Death Note, to kill criminals has joined the teamof his father, Inspector Yagami, and the world's greatest detective, L,to capture Kira. Light, who is Kira, is motivated by his need todiscover L's true name, so he can get rid of the detective. Meanwhile Lis certain that Light is Kira, but without evidence he can't doanything but wait and see. As if things aren't bad enough, a SecondKira appears out of nowhere, to help Kira. Second Kira is Amane Misa, arising idol, who worships Kira and has her own Death Note. Things moveto their conclusion.' Death Note: the Last Name' is a great improvement when compared to thefirst movie.

Where first film was still somewhat slow and uncertain,the second part keeps the viewer interested its whole length: nearlytwo and half hours! The second part is also more faithful to theoriginal manga than the first one. Greatest difference would beremoving the character of Higuchi and replacing him with Takada, who inmanga didn't appear until much later. The second movie is also theconcluding one, which might be confusing since both movies togetheronly tell the first half of the manga events. Still the finale has beencleverly turned faithful to manga, and I personally like it even betterthan manga ending.I already commented the performances of Tatsuya Fujiwara(Light),Ken'ichi Matsuyama(L) and Takeshi Kaga(Inspector Yagami) in my reviewof first 'Death Note' movie, so I'll just comment the new parties here.Erika Toda surprised me with her role as Misa. Although, like manyother manga fans, I too would have wanted to see blonde Misa, the haircolour was the only complain I could come up with. Her Misa is naivebut not as annoyingly air headed as in the manga, but actually makesher a believable.

Nana Katase makes an okay role as an ambitiousTakada, although I feel she could have done better.The complains are the same as previous: the minor characters of policeinvestigators are left in the background and the Death Gods lookridiculous, but this time the dynamic moving of the story saves a lot.What can I say? A definitive improvement to the first film and a greatending to the story. Reviewed by mitsukariyasui It seems that every live action derivative of a manga/anime that I'veseen has been barely watchable at best.These movies on the other hand were entertaining to the end.

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Theystayed with the main plot as much as possible and delivered thememorable dramatic scenes with new live action flavor, but changed theplot without opening holes and delivered a new, believable conclusion.I didn't like Fujiwara much in the lead role- he's not dynamic orconniving enough to bring the role to life. Anaconda 1997 full movie in hindi free download 3gp. Quite often his face seemsto 'give it away' when his role calls for a solid and impenetrableexterior.Matsuyama, however, takes on the ridiculously difficult role of 'L' andabsolutely rocks. Vocal tones, strange postures and movements,appearance, mannerisms, all breathe life into what was one of the bestcharacters ever to grace manga shelves.

My only complaint was theover-decadent manner in which he ate his candy- it seemed a littlecontrived, as opposed to the more matter-of-fact noshing done by themanga/anime character during his investigations.Thay certainly could have done a lot worse, and they took enough filmtime to do the series justice. Can't wait for the American version.