Diedrich Roaster Operations Manual

Jan 24, 2018 - is intended to provide a practical methodology to guide you as expeditiously as. A roasting plant to the reality of operating one.

Hello Home Barista. Long time reader but I've never posted. I'm Andrew Russo and I've recently written a short history of the Probat company. The reason I'm posting today is I've had a plethora of people ask me for resources on the old Probats. In the interest of education and improving our knowledge, I'm making them available to anyone for free. As I gather more I will make them available and post updates as I now know how to find them. I also have patent documents but those are from the 19th and early 20th centuries and do not directly correspond to successful roasting (unless you're about to buy a Spherical Roaster and a coal deposit to fire it up with).

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Documents Include:.1994 L5 and L12 Manual.1958 UG45 Advertisment (German).L5 Info Sheet (Date Unknown, German).UG22 Manual Dated 24 Feb, 1967.UG and L Info Sheets (Some German, Some English) Dates Unknown Dropbox Link: By reading them you can glean some information on how these roasters operate, their damper systems, and even their airflow. If you have any questions or care to provide me with some translations (my German is rusty but I'm working on it. I took French so there's some historical battle going on there.) I will include them in the public folder. I am also willing to answer any questions on old Probats and if I can not get you an answer I will refer you to someone that can. Now go forth and roast. If you care to donate coffee to the cause, I'm always open for something to brew at home.

That's a great resource, Andrew. I've found a pretty good method for translation into languages where one isn't totally fluent. I did so as a trade with one of our members (rotchitos), whose is written in French. I used online machine translation and then corrected it based on what I know about the topic and to improve style. Since there were many photos I could see what was going on. I also clarified with him where he had used slang or technical jargon.

We went back and forth via the translation service until we agreed. Although my translation may not be word for word, it is a good English equivalent of what was intended in French.