Deer Hunting Usa Arcade Manual

The first coin-operated video game to feature deer hunting, Deer Hunter USA by Sammy Corporation was designed by hunters to provide an authentic hunting experience. When the game begins, you have the chance to pick from four different weapons: a rifle, a shotgun, a compound bow or a classic muzzle loader. After that, you get to pick one of four states (Arkansas, Idaho, Wisconsin, and Texas) to hunt in. Each state features 16 hunting grounds, giving you a total of 64 exciting hunting spots to experience!

TAMA, The Arcade Manual Archive. Deer Hunting USA: Deer Hunting USA Archive Page ( (External link) N/A: Defender: Owner's Manual.

Combined with the exhilarating pump action gun, Deer Hunting USA offers gives total realistic game play. Do note that this game was primarily released as a conversion kit so available cabinets will vary. What Makes Deer Hunting USA Special? – The original arcade hunting game – Pump action shotgun design is the same as found with CarnEvil – Four distinct weapon types to choose from each time you play – 64 locations to hunt covering four States – Multiple animal types to hunt – Leaderboards for each State – Sammy USA’s Deer Hunting USA is no longer produced, having been released in 2000.

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Product Description: Deer Hunting USA Description An interactive shooting game where players stalk deer in the wilderness during hunting season. Most games have been warehoused for decades and has had who knows what living in them, so every game we sell gets broken down and cleaned and sanitized inside and out. We then do any cabinet repairs that are needed and coin doors are sanded and repainted with new locks installed if requested.

We check the monitor and power supply and the game's PCB and do any repairs that needed and check all buttons and joysticks and replace when needed. We put the game into a burn in test mode for 24 hours to make sure the game is working 100% before you get it. Our shipping guy who pallets your game also plays it before he puts it on a pallet to make sure all is good. Dressler criminal procedure outline.

These are 30yr old plus games and if for some reason you get your game and there is a problem we will find a tech in your area to fix it on us for the 1st 60days and we cover parts and labor. So you can buy your arcade game knowing we will not leave you hanging with a non working game and we will never send a dirty game to you. FREE SHIPPING 2. Driveway Delivery -FREE 3. Liftgate Service add 40.00 4.