Crack No Cd Test Drive Unlimited 1

Auto ordnance thompson serial numbers. This is the only one working that has a no-cd crack.this also comes with the megacar pack I'm sorry guys but I recently sold the game and my computer broke.

It can be tricky to run Test Drive Unlimited 1 on the Windows 10 OS because TDU1 DVD is claimed to use SecuROM v7 kind of protection. And Windows 10 do not support SecuROM if i am correct.

As my laptop do not have DVD ROM, i tried many CD grabbers/image creators to create image that i will mount as virtual DVD ROM and play the game. But no luck, it always failed thanks to SecuROM. Workarounds: a) install lower version of the Windows (Dual boot) and run TDU on lower version of the Windows b) apply the no CD cr.ack into the TDU directory c) do not play TDU1 Play TDU1 on Windows 10: 1) Install game thru physical DVD or.iso DVD ROM &, ( ). 2) Install Test Drive Unlimited Patch 1.66A (unmodified, see ) 3) apply no-CD crack that is made for v. 1.66A: (VirusTotal clean, unmodified, see ) replacing original TDU1.exe file located in Program Files / Atari / Test Drive Unlimited 4) copy your TDU1 online profile folder into C: Users YOURUSERAMEHERE Documents Test Drive Unlimited savegame YOYURNICKNAME In the savegame folder have to be also file ProfileList.dat. If you don't have profile, you will create new in game.

5) apply Project Paradise if you want to play online multiplayer: 6) launch 'TDU - Project Paradise Launcher' exe file, because stock exe file will fail to connect new TDU1 multiplayer server/s 7) select your existing online profile in the game (if not have one, create new). Confirm that the nickname is invalid. Tick the tickbox of GameSpy. Do NOT touch/modify your email and password. Profile should be loaded and you be on the Hawai along with other players all around the world ). Logitech G27 wheel fix.