Corel Draw 11 Setup Exe File

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1) Create an admin install of Corel.
2) Apply SP2 to admin install.
Then modify Corel msi in admin install:
3) Add Property table value 'ISSETUPDRIVEN' and set the value to 1.
4) In the 'Property' table set 'ALLUSERS' to 2.
5) Remove 'OnCheckSilentInstall' from the 'InstallExecuteSequence' table.
6) Copy DR11.dta (from a PC with Corel installed and registered) into the admin install. File goes in Program FilesCorelCorel Graphics 11Programs7) Ensure that the msi will install DR11.dta. I did this using WPS -> Windows Install Editor. Had to ensure that the instruction to remove the file on install is removed also.
8) In the Components Table find 'CommonPrograms'
and add 'DR11.DTA' to 'KeyPath'.
9) In the File Table, add a row with the following Values:
10) In the Directory tablefind 'CorelDRAW11_Folder'
and change 'DefaultDir' to
'Corel~1 Corel Graphics Suite 11'.
Now deploy using a GPO. Ensure that ISScript.msi is installed prior to CorelDraw.

Unfortunately, there are no.exe files in this folder (at least none that would open the desired programs, I tried to open pretty much every file in there.) I'm not at home right now but there were three folders in the corel draw home & Student folder, one was 'Setup', one was 'Writing Data' and the name of the other one I don't remember right. CorelDraw 11 Free Download Setup for Windows. It is full offline installer standalone version of CorelDraw 11 Graphic design tool for 32 bit and 64 bit PC.

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  • 04/18/2005
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