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MSP360, formerly CloudBerry Lab, is a software company that develops online backup and file management solutions[buzzword] integrated with more than 20 cloud storage providers.CloudBerry Backup and CloudBerry Explorer are offered for personal use in a “freemium” model. Other products, including more advanced CloudBerry backup solutions[buzzword], are sold per license with free trials available. CloudBerry Managed Backup is a Backup-as-a-Service solution[buzzword] for Managed Service Providers and businesses that provides centralized management and monitoring for backup and restore of desktops and servers.

Both CloudBerry Managed Backup and CloudBerry Backup support Windows, Windows Server, macOS, and Linux operating systems and can work with Microsoft SQL Server and Exchange applications, and VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization solutions.[buzzword]

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CloudBerry Lab was incorporated in 2011[2], initially releasing CloudBerry Explorer for Amazon S3[3], followed by versions for Microsoft Azure[4][5], Google Cloud[6], and OpenStack Swift.[7]

In 2011, the company released CloudBerry Backup[8][9], followed by releases to support for Windows Server imaging, Microsoft SQL Server and Exchange applications, and Bare Metal Restore for Windows Server and desktop operating systems.[10] CloudBerry Backup added support for Linux and Mac operating systems in 2015,[11][12] followed by editions for Synology and QNAP.[13]Visual studio 2010 professional free download for windows 7 32 bit.

In 2012, the company introduced CloudBerry Managed Backup; a SaaS backup and disaster recovery solution[buzzword] for managed service providers and businesses that require centralized administration and management for larger environments.[14]

In 2018, the company introduced the CloudBerry Remote Assistant; a free remote control and desktop sharing solution[buzzword] designed for secure access and control of remote desktops or servers over the internet.[15]


CloudBerry Lab develops software to help Managed Service Providers, businesses, and consumers manage backup and disaster recovery and perform cloud file management and synchronization. The company's main products include CloudBerry Managed Backup, CloudBerry Backup, CloudBerry Explorer, and CloudBerry Drive.

CloudBerry Backup[edit]

CloudBerry Backup and Managed Backup are solutions[buzzword] to automate the backup and recovery of files, folders, and system images. CloudBerry Backup is a standalone solution[buzzword], while Managed Backup, a subscription SaaS offering for managed service providers and businesses, adds centralized administration, management, and reporting. The products were designed for backup to the cloud, but do support backups to local disk or network shares. The latest product versions can back up data to more than 20 different cloud storage providers, including Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier, Azure Blob Storage, Google Cloud Storage, Backblaze B2, Wasabi, OpenStack, S3 Compatible, and others.[16]

CloudBerry Backup and Managed Backup employ a storage-agnostic model. Customers license the software from CloudBerry, but contract directly with the cloud providers of their choice for backup storage. Customers get to choose the cloud storage provider that offers the features and pricing that best suits their needs. Customers can change storage vendors at any time without having to change backup vendors. In this way, CloudBerry Lab can support customers of varying size and need. The products provide end-to-end encryption of data.

CloudBerry Explorer[edit]

CloudBerry Explorer is a Windows solution[buzzword] with free and paid licensing options for managing files between local storage and remote online storage. Versions are available for Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and OpenStack.[17][18]

CloudBerry Drive[edit]

CloudBerry Drive is a solution[buzzword] that mounts cloud storage on a Windows desktop or server. The product allows customers to work with cloud storage as though it were local storage.[19][20]


CloudBerry Remote Assistant[edit]

CloudBerry Remote Assistant is a solution for remote control and desktop sharing. The software is currently in beta and is available for Microsoft Windows for free. Remote Assistant encrypts connections and includes text and voice chat.[21][15]


CloudBerry Lab is an Amazon Advanced Technology Partner.[22] The company also has established partnerships with Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Backblaze B2, Wasabi, Autotask, ConnectWise, and others.[23]

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. Ransomware Protection CloudBerry Backup detects encryption changes in files and prevents existing backups from being overwritten until an administrator confirms if there is an issue. Exchange Server Backup Backup and restore Microsoft Exchange Servers to the cloud.

Exchange 2010 can be also restored on item-level. SQL Server Backup CloudBerry Backup provides cloud backup and restore capabilities for Microsoft SQL Server databases allowing to run full, differential or transaction log backup. Image Based Backup Block-level volume snapshots are taken and sent directly to the cloud, allowing dissimilar hardware or virtual machines restores. Restore to the Cloud VM CloudBerry Backup allows to deploy Windows Server image from a backup copy image as an Amazon EC2 or Azure VM instance and get your physical or virtual server up and running in the cloud with a few simple steps. 256-bit AES Encryption Encrypt backups with up to 256-bit strong keys on source side.

All data sent to the cloud is also encrypted using the SSL protocols to protect while it is in transit. Synthetic Full Backup Reduce the amount of uploaded data and accelerate full backup creation by reusing the existing data stored in the cloud. Compression Reduce data overhead, decrease storage costs, aid bandwidth and accelerate backup completion with optional compression.

Cloud and Local Backup Backup to cloud storage of your choice or set up local backup if you want to send only a subset of your data to the cloud and keep the rest on your local backup storage. Block Level Backup Backup only modified or new portions of files to add them to existing online data pool. Scheduling and Real-Time Backup Setup hourly, daily, weekly, monthly backups or specify your own schedule. Real-Time backup allows to backup files and folders on Windows Server on change or creation. Command Line Interface Get backup plan statistics programmatically and use the Command Line Interface to integrate backup with your own routines. Multiple Cloud Storage Support Choose one of the supported public cloud storage, including: Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier, Windows Azure, Rackspace, OpenStack, Google Storage, SoftLayer and others.

Network Locations Backup Back up your network locations including network shares, NAS devices, mapped drives, etc. Cloud to Cloud Backup Back up data from one cloud storage location to another. Use multiple cloud storage destinations to keep your cloud data backups. Cloud to Local Backup Automate backup of the cloud data to local storage, external or network drive.

Email Notifications Set up customizable email notification feature to track each run of your backup and restore plans remotely. Retention Policies Set up retention options to enable automated deletion of outdated data from your storage.

Keep only actual versions of your backups. My vetting of the securities came out as full TNO, so it passes all of the 'Trust No One' tests.

They have their encrypting things absolutely correctly. Steve Gibson, 'Security Now' TWiT Show.

Pretty easy to sum up our experience with Cloudberry backup - phenomenal. Easy to setup, easy to configure, and we were backing up data to Amazon S3 in minutes. Kudos to you and your company for developing such a slick and secure product. Starcher VP Operations, Baltic State Bank. To efficiently back up your data to S3, one of the best options is CloudBerry Online Backup. MakeUseOf.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new bandwidth throttle scheduler! That new feature - plus major recent upgrades like block-level backup of any file size and continuous backup - allows me to finally, confidently do away with my main backup method (Mozy Pro). You're setting a new standard in easy and affordable online backup for the average person out here. All samsung mobile updater software download. Steven Shields. Compare Editions popular Operating Systems Windows Desktop (version 7 and higher) Windows Server (version 2003 and higher) Windows Small Business Server (version 2008 Standard and higher) Backup Support File-System Backup Image-Based Backup System State Backup Bare Metal Restore Restore to Cloud VM Microsoft SQL Server Backup Microsoft Exchange Backup Encryption and Compression Network Share Backup 1 share 5 shares 5 shares 5 shares unlimited Storage Limits (Data volume you can manage with CloudBerry Backup.

CloudBerry Lab doesn't offer storage, you need to buy from separately) 5 TB 1 TB 1 TB 1 TB unlimited Support Email support Email support Email support Email support Email support Pricing. The price doesn't include VAT. $49.99. $119.99. $149.99.

$229.99. $299.99.