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Author: Carlo Lucarelli, Book: Almost Blue (1997), Series: Inspector Grazia Negro in PDF,EPUB. Review 1: Grazia Negro Blues Il ciclo moderno di L.

Author by: Carlo Lucarelli Language: en Publisher by: Europa Editions Incorporated Format Available: PDF, ePub, Mobi Total Read: 10 Total Download: 317 File Size: 40,6 Mb Description: De Luca is a good cop living through a dark period in Italian history. This first instalment in the enormously successful De Luca Trilogy is set in the final days of WW2.

In addition to being a first-rate thriller, it is a compelling look at a very particular moment in Italian history. Lucarelli's sharp, incisive writing perfectly renders the period and the characters. De Luca, with his shoulder-shrugging, hip lip-biting and his perennial insomnia, is an ordinary man caught in extraordinary times; his insouciance is a perfect antidote to the era's fanaticism. Author by: Carlo Lucarelli Language: en Publisher by: Random House Format Available: PDF, ePub, Mobi Total Read: 53 Total Download: 735 File Size: 41,7 Mb Description: A serial killer is terrorising the people of Bologna and rookie Detective Inspector Grazia Negro is determined to solve the case.

She only has one witness who can identify the killer - and he is blind. Simone spends his nights listening to Chet Baker and scanning the radio waves of the city, eavesdropping on other people's lives. He imagines what people are like - based on the 'colour' of their voice - and his acute hearing sets alarm bells ringing when he tunes in to the killer. Together Simone and Negro are the only people able to stop the killer, before he closes in on Simone. From the diverse perspectives of the detective, the blind Simone and the killer, Lucarelli, master of Italian noir, weaves a gripping thriller.

Author by: Carlo Lucarelli Language: en Publisher by: Random House Format Available: PDF, ePub, Mobi Total Read: 26 Total Download: 504 File Size: 44,9 Mb Description: Ispettore Grazia Negro tracks down another faceless killer in this intelligent sequel to Lucarelli’s celebrated first book, Almost Blue. A professional killer is at large in the cities of Italy, Code-named “Pit Bull,” he is a master of disguise and an expert with weapons. He modifies his guns and his bullets are untraceable.

His skill with prosthetics, wigs and makeup means that no two victims witness the same terrifying final vision. This is a hunt for a man with no face. Only the picture of a pit bull terrier left behind at each murder can link the crimes. Day after day, Ispettore Negro works on her seemingly impossible case. But when a young man unwittingly encounters Pit Bull in an Internet chat room, he provides Negro with the clue that could lead her to her target. Author by: Andrea Camilleri Language: en Publisher by: MacLehose Press Format Available: PDF, ePub, Mobi Total Read: 88 Total Download: 812 File Size: 50,5 Mb Description: Camilleri, best known for his Inspector Montalbano series, presents the charming Judge Surra who moves to a small Sicilian town in the late nineteenth century.

He does not quite understand the quirky welcoming gifts from the locals, but nothing stands in the way of his quest for justice - and pastries. Lucarelli brings us a far darker story. Judge Valentina Lorenzi - La Bambina - is so young and inexperienced she hardly merits a bodyguard.

But when she barely survives an assassin's bullet, her black-and-white world of crime and punishment turns a deathly shade of grey. In The Triple Dream of the Prosecutor, De Cataldo, a judge himself, crafts a Kafkaesque tale of a lifelong feud between Prosecutor Mandati and the corrupt Mayor of Novere. When the mayor narrowly escapes a series of bizarre assassination attempts, Mandati begins to realise that all his dreams may just be coming true. From Italy's premiere crime authors, three novellas from every tradition of crime writing. Free download adobe photoshop cs 8 portable band.

Author by: Roberto Saviano Language: en Publisher by: MacLehose Press Format Available: PDF, ePub, Mobi Total Read: 41 Total Download: 152 File Size: 49,7 Mb Description: In Roberto Saviano's The Opposite of Death, a town in southern Italy is haunted by the war in Afghanistan, where one by one its sons are dying. In Ferengi, Carlo Lucarelli explores the Italian settlement of Eritrea a century ago, when the actions of a maid became pivotal to the fate of an exploitative colonial family. Valeria Parrella's The Prize, set in the Italian countryside during the Second World War, reminds us that revenge is a dish best served cold, while Piero Colaprico's Stairway C is a breathless Milanese crime novel in miniature.

Grassroots writers' collective Wu Ming show how an Italian cheese-maker can become a hero in American Parmesan, and in Another Kind of Solitude, Simona Vinci suggests that it is only when we are on the outside, or alone, that we find true freedom. Author by: Barbara Pezzotti Language: en Publisher by: Springer Format Available: PDF, ePub, Mobi Total Read: 84 Total Download: 824 File Size: 55,5 Mb Description: This book is the first monograph in English that comprehensively examines the ways in which Italian historical crime novels, TV series, and films have become a means to intervene in the social and political changes of the country.