Ayutha Eluthu Movie Songs In Tamil Audio

Movie: Aayutha Ezhuluthu Cast: Madhavan Surya, Siddarth and Meera Jasmine Music: A R Rahman. Ayudha Ezhuthu Mp3, Download Ayudha Ezhuthu Songs, Ayudha Ezhuthu Mp3 Songs.

Movie Information:
Movie Name: Aayutha Ezhuthu 2004.
Music: AR Rahman.
Starring: Surya, Madhavan, Siddharth, Meera Jasmine, Trisha, Esha Deol & Bharathiraja.
Director: Mani Ratnam.
Country: India.
Language: Tamil.
Music Bit Rate: 128 Kbps OR 320 Kbps.

Single Song List And Download

Dol Dol – Download

Blaaze, Shaheen

Hey Goodbye Nanba – Download
Sunitha Sarath, Shankar Mahadevan, Lucky Ali, Karthik

Jana Ganamana – Download
A.R.Rahman, Karthik

Nenjam Ellam – Download
Adnan Sami, Sujatha

Sandai Kozhi – Download
Madhu Sree, A.R.Rahman

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Yakkai Thiri – Download
A.R.Rahman , Sunitha Sarathy, Shalini Singh (Pop)

Inbasekar, a hit man shoots Michael, a youth leader, off his motorbike on Napier bridge in Chennai. As Michael flies off his bike and falls into the river, bystanding student Arjun is the sole witness. The film then flashbacks into each of their lives, to bring things up to the present day shooting. Inba, the small-time thug dreams of making it big while his perky wife Sasi tries relentlessly to get him to go straight. Michael balances his idealistic posturing with his romance with a gutsy and occasionally unscrupulous neighbor Gitanjali.

Siddharth must decide whether going to the US to study is more important than chasing after a girl he falls in love with in a bar Mira who incidentally happens to be engaged to be married. Just watched this movie for the umpteenth time, since 2003. The catch of this movie would be the non-linearity with which it moves, similar to that 'Alaipayuthey'. This could give you the feeling of watching a Tarantino movie. Remember watching this movies with my folks and I had to make them digest the way the story moved with the individual perceptions of the main 3 characters.

The title of the movie is a Tamil vowel, which are 3 dots, signifying the 3 of them. Some may feel parts of the movie as redundant as they are repeated time and again. But they do blend well in the course of time. Kudos to Maniji for making an actor of each one of them. Even non-performers have done their bit. Better watch the movie if you still haven't. High-Light: Of course Madhavan.

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