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Angles was more than any of its predecessors a 'grower'. I feel that most fans were used to the stacattos, catchy guitar leads, and julians raspy voice. Angles was created years after FIOE and every band member was living a different lifestyle or at least getting settled in to living a new life (fabrizio excluded). So in order to understand Angles as a fan one must understand that music matures with the band and Angles in a way was a step towards that. Under Cover of Darkness was a track made for the listeners who wanted the old ITI/ROF sound in a way a tip on the hat towards their past.

51 Responses. Rov Said, SO FUCKING HAPPY Posted on.

Mateus Said, Is this real? Posted on. M Said, YEEEES! Oh snap this is awesome THANK YOU. Posted on. Greg Said, amazing, quality album Posted on. Caffro Said, OMG ITS SO AWESOME!!

Posted on. Mophos Said, Oh God, already! Thanks a lot!

Posted on. O M G Said, YESHHHHHHUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on. gaz Said, Quality. Seen them in Edinburgh a few years agobrill Posted on. FASEX23 Said, SO FUCKIN AWESOME DUDE!! THANKS A LOT!!

П˜€ Posted on. Stefan Said, I watched this site for a sec before going to sleep, and then I saw The Strokes’s Angles on top! Didn’t knew it would be leaked so soon, I expect wednesday at its earliest, I’m really happy!! Going to listen this tomorrow, I’m just too tired at the moment. Posted on. Stefan Said, I really hope you’ll add CunninLynguists new album, it’s planned too be released at 22/3, just as Angles. П˜‰ (Keep an eye on it please) Posted on.

Joseph Said, Fucking A+! Posted on. nicomovies Said, Thanks so much! You are the greatest! The album is fantastic, as opposed to what i thought would happen, i instantly adored it, and it’s already become addictive. I’m exhilirated!! Posted on.

yomerol Said, fuck yes!!!!!!, 5 years in the maikng Posted on. vassemo Said, THE BEST STROKES ALBUM!!! “THIS IS IT” LOOKS LIKE SHIT BESIDE “ANGLES”!!! Posted on. vassemo Said, SORRY, THE ALBUM IS CALLED “IS THIS IT”.

Posted on. Paulette Said, It lives up to expectation. No actually EXCEEDS!!! Wow, fantastic album, thanks for the perfect Sunday night distraction 🙂 Posted on. franky Said, I LOVE YOU. This site is amazing. Posted on.

Paul Said, The Album is great, but this is not a 320kbps quality. It sounds as a webrip or something at 128kbps Posted on. aemo Said, thanks Posted on. Indie Said, Very dissapointing, I hope it will grow =( Posted on.

Josefo Said, Thanks. I love Ths Strokes Posted on. wj Said, how can you say that “is this it” is a good album, it sounds like something totally artificial! Posted on. dudu Said, instant noodles are also totally artificial and delicious at the same time.

Posted on. swordy Said, This album is absolutely crap. Posted on. wj Said,. With a little very little difference that instant noodles (as an italian when I eat noodles I eat something really fresh “pasta fresca”) are not human beings and when human beings are artificial are not spontaneous and in this way they are simply manipulated! Posted on.

lebenj12 Said, Their wost album obviously! Only one good song = “Under Cover of Darkness” the rest is a massive shit with no soul! Sad for such a great band Posted on. dudu Said, well, if it sounds good (even if the creation process was artificial) it’s definitely not a big problem for me, like the noodles and like everything else. Posted on. Casper Said, holy crap.

What the hell happende to them?? I want the sound from ”is this it” back Posted on. Mophos Said, I would not go so far as too call it “bad” because there are a few good songs: “Machu Pichu”, “Under Cover of Darkness” and “Life is simple in the Moonlight”. “Taken for a fool” is ok too. I agree with you on the rest, which is quite bad.

I’m a bit disappointed, but not surprised given the conditions in which the album was made. I hope the Arctic Monkeys will do better, although I really didn’t like their latest issue “Brick by Brick”.

Posted on. Julia Gil Said, The WORST album of Strokes. Only three good songs: Under Cover Of Darkeness Machu Pichu Two Kinds of Happiness The rest is a reinvention of the 80’s, and of Casablancas solo album. I’m super disappointed. Posted on. Rafael Said, What happend with hotfile links?

Free download the godfather patch fr programs. Posted on. ElectroHuman Said, OHHH YIPPEEE SKIPPEEE!!! Posted on. ElectroHuman Said, omg haters on here. Heaven forbid a band reinvents themselves. I thought the strokes would be a one hit wonder the first time i saw “last night” on mtv2 at 2am.

Pehla nasha pehla khumar mp3 song. And theyre still making music!!! And we’re still stealing it on the internet!!! Success story. Posted on.

Casper Said, it’s not always good for a band to reinvents themselves Posted on. Gulz Said, YEAH:d! Posted on.

Vince Said, thanks dudes, you rock! Posted on.

RadioheadFan Said, Life Is Simple In The Moonlight & Taken For A Fool two epic songs Posted on. Fiamma Said, Incredible sound, Albert Hammond Jr.

Posted on. X X Said, Shit album Posted on. Tommy H Said, Decent stuffs Posted on. Man Said, Oh. I like this album. Every song is so specific.

My favorite song here is Games. Ander Under cover of darkness. Style Garage rock Are you kidding??? Posted on. Haters Said, If you want a sequel to “Is This It” then just go listen to “Room on Fire”. Posted on. Black Said, This Album Sucks Posted on.


Black Said, i think the same of Julia Gil. A little up here. Posted on.

Lewis Said, If you people think bands will play the same music AAALLLL the time with no changes the you’re FREAKING RETARDED If you want to listen the first album listen to the mf first album, don’t even bother downloading this Posted on. white Said, well. They dont have to change all they time.

But at list dont try to sell us boring albums. Posted on. Scotty Said, Yeah where’s hotfile??????? These new links wont work for me:((((((((((( Posted on.

Nick Said, Thanks.!!:) Posted on. vorski Said, GREAT ALBUM!!! Posted on. MISMOC Said, MITICO, GRAZIE Posted on Add A Comment Name (required) Mail (will not be published) (required).